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In this article, we will see the Scout Pubg ID, age, wiki, teammates, face, logo, controls, sensitivity, girlfriend, Net worth, FreeFire, COD, and More.

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  • Scout's real name is Tanmay Singh.
  • Scout IGN (In-game-name) is LionelūBinod and Pubg Id of Scout is 5144286984.
  • Scout was born on 30 July 1996. Scout Age is 24 years.
  • Scout currently lives in Valsad city of Gujarat state.
  • Scout is a Professional Pubg player and Content Creator. Apart from pubg, he plays FreefireCOD, and Other Online Games.

Scout (Tanmay Singh) wiki/Biography

Scout aka Tanmay Singh is a very popular pubg player and He has a big fan following. Here is the biography of Scout. He is also known as her nickname ScoutOp.

ScoutOp Biography
Date of Birth 30 July 1996
Real Name Tanmay Singh
NickName SoutOp
Date of Birth 30 July 1996
From Which State? Valsad, Gujarat, India
PUBG Name LionelūBinod
PUBG ID Number 5144286984
Role In PUBG IGL, Flanker, Assaulter
Clan Name Fnatic
Controls 4 Finger
Device Used to play iPhone XR

Scout Clan, Teammate, and Friends

scout is in the clan has the name Fnatic. His teammates are FnaticOweis, FnaticRonak, FnaticInyourdreams, and FnaticParitosh. Scout is scoter, Flanker, and Assaulter. Many people believe that scout is the best player in India compared to M416 with 6x spray.

Scout playing Freefire and COD 

On 2nd November PUBG is banned in India. After he decided to play Freefire and COD. He is also streaming Freefire videos and COD videos too.

The FreeFire ID of Scout is 339156229 and IGN( In-Game-Name ) is ImFakescout. Until now, he didn't join any clan.

After sometime Scout shifted to COD ( Call of Duty ). Nowadays, he streams about the COD gameplay on YouTube. 
Scout COD Id Number is 165715687185543341 and IGN is sc0ut0P.
He has 10+ K/D (kill per death ratio).

Scout Net Worth (Income Source) :

The main income source of scout is google ads displayed on his youtube channel. Other income sources are Instagram, Superchat, and other social media. He approximately earns $23k per Month including his YouTube, Google ads, and other earning sources.

Scout Social Media Activity

Scout regularly post media and videos of her gameplay. His Instagram Account is @Scout_Pubg.

Scout op HD image

He is already famous on youtube. He has more than 3.24M Subscribers. Watch her latest videos on Her YouTube Channel. He has an official Facebook page also. Visit and follow her page for the latest update on gameplay videos.

These are some social media activities of the scout. Mostly He is making videos for Youtube. Because it's the main source of Income for Scout.

Scout's Interesting Facts

  • Scout's girlfriend is Zara Vabi. But he didn't confirm that she is her girlfriend.
  • Scout Says, His Inspiration is Popular streamer and Pro player Shroud. 
  • He thinks that ” There is not a lot to do with practice but more by studying the good teams “.
  • According to people's scout is a better pubg player than Mortal compared to reflexes and Recoil control capacity.

Scout YouTube Dialogue's 

While Streaming gameplay, He uses many toxic ( abusive words ). His famous dialogue is 'Elgato ki maa ki ch*t '. Scout aka Tanmay Singh also plays football but due to Injury, He is not able to play football anymore. Then, He started his career in esport Gaming. He is a Big Fan of Christiano Ronaldo and he is a favorite football player of scout too.

Scout Controls and Sensitivity Settings

Camera Sensitivity ( Free Look )

Camera Sensitivity ( Free Look )

Camera Sensitivity 

Camera Sensitivity

ADB Sensitivity 

Gyroscope  Sensitivity 

Gyroscope  Sensitivity

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