Solo Rush Pubg ID, K/D, stats, Real Name, Device, Instagram, and More

Short Biography
Real Name Not Known
Nickname Solo Rush
Age 18 Years Old
Place of Birth India
Country India
Nationality Indian
PUBG Name iSxSoloRush
PUBG ID 5166723929
Clan InhumanSkills
Crew InhumanSkills
Controls 5 Fingers Claw + Gyro Always On
Device iPhone 11
Social Media
Instagram @solorush_yt
YouTube Solo Rush

Solo Rush PUBG Details

Today, I will tell you about Solo Rush. Solo Rush is the popular PUBG Mobile Player from India. He is also known as one of the Fastest Indian Player. He is 18 Years Old. He lives in India. He has mentioned on his Youtube he plays Pubg Mobile for Skill Improvement, not for K.D or Tier. 

Solo Rush Pubg has 384k Subscribers on YouTube. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 using 5 Fingers Claw set up with Gyroscope Always On. In Season 9 he was on the Top 20 Solo Wins India. At that time, Solo Rush has played around 700 Matches in Solo & his K.D was more than 5 in Asia Server. His graphics style is Smooth HD with Extreme FPS.

His PUBG Mobile clan name is Inhuman Skills. He is the Leader of the Inhuman Skills Clan. His clan level is Maxed Out (10 Lvl). For Editing, Solo Rush uses VideoLeap App which is only available for iOS Devices & It’s free of cost.

Solo Rush PUBG ID

Solo Rush PUBG ID Number is 5166723929 & Solo Rush Pubg The name is iSxSoloRush.

Lesser Known Facts about Solo Rush

Solo Rush is 18 Years Old Indian Gamer.
He lives in India.
Known as Fastest Indian Player.
Top 20 Solo Wins India in Season 9.

Most Searched Questions about Solo Rush Pubg

Who is Solo Rush in Pubg Mobile?
Ans: Solo Rush is the Famous Pubg Mobile Gamer Creator from India. He has around 400k subscribers on YouTube.

What is the real name of Solo Rush Pubg?
Ans: Not Known

Which device does Solo Rush uses for playing PUBG Mobile?
Ans: iPhone 11

Solo Rush Most Popular Pubg Video

Here you can see the most popular video of Solo Rush.

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