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Today, Pubg is banned in India even after many players and gamers play Pubg Mobile such as Dynamo Gaming, or Any other gaming. Google Baba YT Gaming is the one most popular Channel, He is making pubg montage video, Google baba gained over 136k Subscribers in very short period of time.

google baba gaming yt

Here, I will share the Google Baba Pubg ID and Pubg Name including his real name, wiki, Age, Biography, controls, stats, and many more. So, lets get started.

Google Baba Gaming Biography

Google Baba Gaming YT,  His real name is Raju Paul. He is from Kolkata, West Bengal. Currently, He lives in Kolkata, WB city. He is 20 year Young boy.

 Google baba has more 8.9k+ followers on his Instagram account. He uploads his Pubg gameplay short video on his Instagram and Full video on his YouTube Channel.

Instagram Account  - @its_me_googlebaba

Youtube Channel Link - Google Baba Gaming

Email -

Google Baba Gaming PUBG ID

Google Baba's PUBG ID is 5455964527 and his PUBG name is YT.GooglebBaba.

Google Baba Gaming PUBG KR ID

Google baba gaming PUBG Kr ID number is 61273586654 and His PUBG Name is YT GoogleBaba.

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Google Baba Gaming YouTube Channel

Google Baba YouTube channel name is Google Baba gaming. He is 20 year old (as in his Instagram). He started his channel on 19th October 2019. In this short time period He has succeeded to build around 142k+ subscriber on his YouTube channel.

Google Baba gaming Channel has 14.3M views on his videos in lifetime. You can check his youtube data from Here.

Google Baba Gaming Income

Google baba gaming channel has more that 142k or 1.42M subscribers. His monthly earning from his YouTube channel is between $1k - $15k (70,000Rs - 10,50,000Rs). His net worth is something between $11k - $115k.

Note: This data is collected from social blade website. This data can be changed over the period so don't be panic because it's all the estimated data.

Most Searched Questions About Google Baba gaming

What is the real name google baba gaming?
His real name is Raju Paul.

What is the favorite Game of Google Baba?
His favorite game is Pubg mobile.

When He reached conqueror in Pubg Mobile?
He reached conqueror in Season 13 while playing in Solo Mode.

In which season he has highest KD?
In season 16, He has highest KD of 7.67.

What is the Pubg Kr Id of Google Baba Gaming?
Google Baba Gaming's Pubg Kr ID is 61273586654.

What is the Pubg Id of Google Baba Gaming?
Google Baba Gaming's Pubg ID number is 5455964527 and His Pubg Name is Google_baba.

Gaming Baba Gaming's Popular YouTube Videos

Google baba uploaded this video about 3 month ago (as of may 2021)  and It has around 462k views in this video.

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So , In this video, I had shared all the information about google baba Gaming's including his Pubg ID, Pubg KR ID, Pubg Name, Biography, wiki, age, income and more.

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