BGMI Latest Update, Launch Date Changed, GameXpro Confirms, and More

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 Hello Guys, Are you waiting for the BGMI Launch Date or Battleground Mobile India Launch Date then here is a good news for You BGMI recently post a image on Twitter  with caption It's time to recall you memories and Ready to Play the new BGMI Battleground Mobile India (BGMI).

BGMI Launch Date

As we know, Krafton Inc. owner of BGMI has not officially confirms any date of launching for BGMI but It gives signals towards the launching date of BGMI. Battleground Mobile India Twitter handle recently uploaded a image on twitter and written - 

It's almost time. Time for re-building memories, playing with your friends and celebrating with chicken dinner!.

Here is the full post.

GameXpro Confirms the actual release Date of BGMI

GameXpro, He is an indian gamer streamer and Entrepreneur has stay connected to Battleground Mobile India and Give updates on His social media about the BGMI Launching.

This time, GameXpro twitted a caption and stated that " 2 Days to Go and What? #BGMI ".

That means GameXpro confirms the Launching Date of Battleground Mobile india.

Battleground Mobile India Launch Date Confirmed

As you can see in he Above post, GameXpro clearly trying to say that It has only two days remains to Launch BGMI. We are all hopping that this was final release date.

Conclusion of the article is that, Battleground Mobile India or BGMI Launching Date is 18th June 2021. As you can see GameXpro uploaded this tweet on 8th June means We will get BGMI 10th June.

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