Quantum Lab Event : How to Complete, Rewards, and More

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Quantum Lab event is the new Event from the PUBG Mobile. In this article, I will tell you, How to complete Quantum Lab Event, Rewards, End Date and More.

Quantum Lab Event End Date

Quantum Lab event is the recently launched on 9th June. The end date of Quantum Lab event end date is 18th June 2021.

Quantum Lab Missions and Detail

You will get many rewards while between the event such as Classic Coupon Scrap, Silver Coin etc.

Here are the instruction to complete this event

1. Complete Daily Missions to Obtain Energy crystals. Use Energy crystals to charge Research device. Complete charging to unlock rewards.

2. Each time a Device is Activated, Three Energy sources will randomly emit different rays. Additional energy is gained when the rays emitted are matching.

3. Certain energy can even temporarily activate Quantum Wormholes to deliver mysterious supplies rewards.

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