How to Transfer Data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI | Google Play Login - Full Details

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Transfer Data From PUBG Global Logged In from Google Play Games To BGMI

Transfer Data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI

After The Launch Of Battlegrounds Mobile India: Early Access For Everyone, Most Of The Players are Confused.

How They Can Import Or Transfer Their PUBG Data Into BGMI if they have been registered with Google Play Games in PUBG Mobiles. 

In this article, I Will Be Clearing All Your Doubts Related the BGMI and Data Transfer from PUBG to BGMI. 

How to Transfer Data from PUBG to BGMI

Step 1: First of All Download the BGMI from Play Store - Click Here

If you logged with Play Games then You will not be able to Transfer Data from PUBG. First Link Your Facebook or Twitter with PUBG Mobile.

Step 2: Install the Game in Your Device and Login with Facebook/Twitter or Google Play Games.

Step 3: Follow the Account Creation and Other Procedures from BGMI.

Step 4: After All Procedures, Navigate to Settings > Basic >  Transfer Data

Step 5: After that a Web Page will Pop Up, There you can sign up with Original Facebook or Twitter.

Step 6: It will take few seconds, after that Game will restart and Then you will see Your whole data will be Imported successfully.

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