PUBG Mobile Lite Apk Download new Update 2021

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Hi Friends, As we know that PUBG Mobile and Pubg Mobile Lite is banned in India by the Indian Government for Privacy Concerns. So most Pubg players were looking for alternative of pubg mobile.

In this video, I will share you all the Information, How you can download Pubg Mobile Lite Apk 2021 and also How to Update new Pubg Mobile Lite Apk 2021.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?

As we all know that Pubg is a popular battle royal game, Which was Firstly available for few gaming devices only especially to PC. The makers of pubg game introduced this game for Mobile devices in March 2017.

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Pubg is a bit heavy game and This game not works properly in low end devices. Initially Minimum requirements for PUBG Mobile to play on Mobile is 2GB RAM and above Android 5.0. Later new Features and Modes are included because of the updates, Pubg was so lagging with These low end devices. There for the PUBG Mobile Lite was released for the low end devices which can also enjoy this game with 2 GB of Ram.

Pubg Mobile Lite is a lighter version of the real PUBG Mobile, which can run smoothly on low-end device users.

Features of pubg mobile lite

Pubg mobile lite is a game that can be played on devices having a minimum of 1 GB ram, and the size of this game is around 650 MB. Below are the some exciting features of PUBG mobile Lite.

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60 players survival game

In PUBG Mobile Lite, You have to compete with sixty other players. You have to survive till the last to win the game in the battle royale mode. You will be able to equip weapons, vehicles, and other supplies. You can utilize the powerful weapon of Air Drop.

Supports 12 languages

Pubg mobile lite game supports more than 12 languages. You will be able to select any of the languages as the default language. There are 12 languages available in the game which are – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, German, and French.

Fair gaming environment

The pubg mobile lite game offers fair gaming to all the users similarly of the PUBG Mobile. This game has an Advanced anti-cheat system, which detect the Cheaters and Hacker and band their ID's. It also have a report facility in which You can report any player if you think that He/She is cheating with You.

Arena mode

PUBG Lite offers a arena mode which was originally developed for whom who has not enough time to play Classic game which takes 20-22 minute to complete one game. This feature will allow you to have four vs four battles with endless respawns for thrilling matches within the 10 minutes.

Team up with Friends

Along with so many features, You will  be able to add friends, chat with them, remove any friend from friend list etc. whenever you want.

HD graphics and audio

The PUBG Mobile lite offered high-definition graphics and audio in the game. This game provides a realistic and immersive gaming experience for the Users. This game includes exciting 3d sound effects so you can detect your enemies with their sounds i.e. Foot Steps, Gun Fire Sound etc.

How to download PUBG Mobile lite ?

As you know that PUBG Mobile Lite is not available in India because It was banned in India. So Here I will tell, How can you download and play PUBG Mobile in India.

There are many ways to download the PUBG Lite in India without much efforts, But I am going totell you the easiest way to download the PUBG Mobile Lite. Follow the Steps to Download the Game.

  1. First of Open chrome or any other browser in You Mobile.
  2. Then search 'PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download Apk Pure'
  3. After that click the first Link or You can simply Click Here to Visit There.
  4. Then Download XAPK File and Install in You Mobile.
  5. Here You have successfully installed the PUBG Mobile Lite.

How to Play PUBG Mobile Lite in India?

To play Pubg Mobile Lite in India. You have to download the VPN and Use VPN. You can download any VPN from the Play store. You can use iTop VPN, which I will recommend you to use or Turbo VPN.

Open VPN and connect to any server then start PUBG Mobile Lite. You will be able to play PUBG Mobile Lite after the use of VPN.

How to Update PUBG Mobile Lite in India ?

To update PUBG Mobile Lite You can update using play store but for people who lives in India cannot update using play store. So You have to follow the below steps to update.

  1. You can update the PUBG Mobile Lite using third party apps for example Tap Tap.
  2. But I will share the easiest way to do.
  3. First Uninstall the Game.
  4. Then Follow the Above steps that are mentioned in How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite section.
  5. Apk Pure updates its Its APK's when the update is available.
Before downloading any APK from any site, remember to check out the version of the APK or Game. So you will not install any other version that you don't want. 

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