How to fix pubg mobile lite update problem ?

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I you ever tried to download PUBG Mobile Lite, You will probably Faced up such PUBG Mobile Lite Update Problem as APK download link parsing error, checking for updates, PUBG Mobile Lite not opening, Please download the new version from Google Play Store etc.

In today's article, We will see, How to solve them, so read this post completely to get solution of these problems.

Players are very excited about the Pubg Mobile Lite update. After the update was released many of you have faced such problems related to the update. So lets find the solution of each one by One.

PUBG Mobile Lite Update Problem

This is one of the biggest problem that many player face every time. First of all this problem happens because When you try to install the newly download or updated PUBG Mobile Lite Apk. This is not a big problem, To get rid of this problem follow these steps.

1. First Uninstall the Existing PUBG Mobile Lite App

2. Download the Latest PUBG Mobile Lite Apk (If you had not downloaded ) from Here.

3. Then Install the new updated PUBG mobile lite Apk. (Make sure to enable "Install from Unknown Source" option)

Checking for updates Pubg Lite Problem

Actually This is not a problem. Checking for Updates problem occurs when you are opening Pubg mobile lite which is not available in your country. Pubg Mobile is currently only available in some countries. 

So If you want to solve this issue simply connect to a VPN. If Pubg lite is available for your country and also you are getting this problem simply clear cache and reopen this game.

Please Download the New Update

If you are facing this kind of Problem follow the steps shown below.

1. Open Setting and Go to App Manager in your settings.

2. Find Pubg Mobile Lite.

3. Clear All data and Cache from there. ( Note that this will erase the game data, You have to relogin to this game after that )

4. Then Open your game.

5. If the problem was not solve then try to reinstall the game from beginning.

How to fix parsing the package error in PUBG Mobile Lite

To solve this problem, Here are the steps to be followed by you.

1. First of download the latest Apk of PUBG Mobile Lite from Here.

2. then uninstall the existing PUBG Mobile Lite.

3. Install the new PUBG Mobile Lite update that you have downloaded before.

4. Open the game and enjoy the Game (Use VPN if you are playing from India)


Thank You for reading this article. I hope you have got the idea that how to deal with PUBG Mobile Lite Update problem 2021. Comment If you are stuck any other problem we'll try to solve that.

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  1. Dear you have to remove official website from download link because its ban on india and any one cant access this. you can add this website to download the game. this is official sources website.
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