BGMI hack mod APK version 2.1

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Although, Hack and Cheats are not a shows a fare gameplay But When You get bored of Playing and Got killed Quickly by Your Enemies Then Hacks and Cheats are one of the best way to get Advantage over You Enemy.

Read This Full Article, In this I will provide BGMI Latest MOD Apk and Hacks. These Hacks are Anti ban means You will not get banned after using this hacks. In this Mod You'll get Auto Aim, Wallhack, Realistic Weapons, Unlimeted UC, No Recoil, Anto Ban, and No Root Hacks.

Guide to Download and Install BGMI Hack Apk

  • If you already running the Play Store version of Battleground Mobile India Apk. First of All, Uninstall the BGMI App that You had downloaded from Play Store.
  • Open Settings then Go to Security tab and Enable the Unknown Source option if you haven't Enabled.
  • Now Download the BGMI Mod APK and OBB from these Links and Save in a file in you Mobile device.
  • This mod is save and made by site.
  • Extract the OBB File and move it in the Android > OBB Folder. After that install the APK You have downloaded above.
  • Now, Open the BGMI Mod APK Game and Login with Twitter only.
  • Click on the Mod Menu in Icon the App while Playing and Enable the Hacks that You want to download.

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Features of BGMI Hack 2.1

BGMI Mod and Hack will not just provide free UC but Also There is lots of Hacks and Mods that will make you immortal in the Game. This BGMI Mod will Give Auto Aim, Wall Hack, Anti Ban, Unlimeted UC, No Recoil and Many More.

Auto Aim

Auto aim or Aimbot is another popular hack. With this mod, you will win any and all aim duel, even with the weakest weapon in the game.

The Aimbot feature automatically points your crosshair at enemies' heads with pinpoint accuracy and You just have to do Open fire. You should be able to get the chicken dinner every game without so much effortlessly.


Wallhack is one of the most commonly used features in all shooter hacks. With this feature, you would be able to tell the location of enemies on the map at all times. No one would be able to catch you by surprise.

To ensures that they won't be able to detect your hacking, use the wallhack to camp instead of going after camping enemies. Seeing you effortlessly turn at their location would cause them to report you.

Unlimited UC

No one wants to pay for UC if they can help it. With this BGMI hack mod APK download Unlimited UC, you can get as much UC as you want - those skins and costumes along with the royale pass are in your grasp now... for literally no cost whatsoever.

These UC won't transfer over to a normal account, of course - just stick with the Modded version of the game if you want to avoid getting banned.

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Anti Ban

This is a crucial feature that all Modded APK needs to have. Krafton has been trying up update their anti-cheat fairly frequently, however, the mod makers have always been able to be one step ahead. With the Anti-Ban feature of BGMI hack mod APK, you should be able to play the game using any account and not get banned.

However, just to be on the safe side, try to check the page for new updates every time a new patch of BGMI hits. Playing the game without having a proper cheat might get you banned.

No Recoil

If you want to give your enemies a chance, switching off Aimbot and Replace it with no recoil would be a good idea. Recoil is the main way to balance guns in shooters, and having no recoil is actually super OP.

Without it, your bullets would always hit the target even if you are firing full auto. This in turn results in massive DPS, even if you are holding pistols.

No Root

A lot of shoddy mods in the market require you to root your phone. However, this BGMI Hack Mod APK does not have that problem. You can just install and play as normal.

Watch YouTube Video - BGMI Hack

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