Drawing Free Fire Character Easy Tutorial - Dj Alok, JAI

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 Free Fire Characters are on of the interesting thing in Free Fire. You can purchase or get a free fire characters from crates. In this post, i am going to give you the free fire characters drawing photos so you can draw at home.

This drawing's will include Free Fire Dj Alok character, Jai Character, Rafael, K CAPTAIN BOOYAH, LUQUETA, WOLFRAHH, LAURA etc.

Dj Alok Character Drawing Tutorial

Dj Alok is one of the most popular character in free fire. drawing of Free fire character is easy, Here i will give you the images and sketch pictures of Dj Alok ff character.

You can also take help of this tutorials to draw the Dj Alok character.


Jai is also a famous ff character in India. This character is similar to Hritik Raushan. JAI An elite SWAT commander who never neglects or hesitate to fight any minute during a battle.


Each time Luqueta kills an enemy, he gains back a certain amount of HP.


With the mindset of making the world a better place by guns and violence, Rafael is the kind of hitman that suits whoever finds joy in dealing damage to enemies.


Laura was trained to be an agent from a very young age, so she has become one of the best female agents up to now.


Hayato is a very young man with the burden of family expectations carried on his shoulders. Perhaps that’s why he has white hair at the age of 20.


An 18-year-old girl with part of her body is robotic. Her special ability is used for healing, but only for herself.


Wolfrahh is a streamer that doesn’t find getting headshots something enjoyable. He would aim at anywhere but the head.


Wukong, a part monkey, part human, and part robot creature, is facing a dangerous adventure ahead.


Antonio is now the big boss of the town as he has knocked out every other gang who dares to come in his way.


Miguel is an honorary soldier of special forces who lost his faith after being betrayed by his own allies.


Kla is a notorious martial who prefers to talk with his fists than having an actual conversation.


Paloma is a goddess with flawless beauty, but she is also a veteran arms dealer. You won’t want to mess with this lady.


Nikita is a professional bodyguard and an expert at shooting.


Kelly is a high school girl as well as an amazingly fast sprinter and has a strong passion for the track.


Maxim is famous for his ability to eat so fast that he can beat those whose sizes are much bigger than him.


Misha is a professional racer who has gained victory in several racing tournaments.


Andrew is a police officer with the purpose of a lifetime is to wipe all the bad guys out of the community. He calls his bulletproof vest his “lucky charm”.


Steffie is an artist whose artworks are all about liberty. She is a very effective supporter with the ability to help her teammates survive longer in a battle.


Shani is an excellent engineer with the capability of recreating a piece of junk into a useful tool.


Notora was once a member of a biker gang, which later disbanded after the attack of a rival gang. Be careful not to mention this in front of her face.


Joseph is a wealthy physicist with his own tech company and a degree achieved from the military academy.


The way Olivia dresses may confuse you, but she actually is a nurse.


Alvaro can only find satisfaction in a perfect explosion and is eventually so good at blowing up everything on the battlefield. He is invited to join the armed forces at the age of 14!


So, In this article, i have shared the step by step guid to drawing of free fire charcters such as Dj Alok, Laura, Andrew, Jai, Rafael, Wukong etc. Thank you for visiting.

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