Free Fire December Elite Pass Release Date, Price, Leaked Rewards Season 43

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Free Fire is the most played game in India and around the world. So today in this article, we are going to see the Free Fire December Elite Pass 2021 Release Date, Exciting leaked rewards, elite pass photos and also i'm going to share how to get free Elite Pass Free Fire 2021 ?

Free Fire Season 43 Release Date, Leaked Rewards:

The Elite Pass Season will reset every month to bring players brand new exciting rewards every season. Here is the Free Fire December Elite Pass 2021 or Season 42 to see what surprise Garena has for us this christmas season 2021 in Free Fire Elite Pass.

Free Fire December Elite Pass 2021 release date and price

The Free Fire December Elite Pass 2021 or Season 42 is going to release on date 1st December 2021, right after the November Elite Pass ends. Players can pre-order the new Elite Pass on November 29. Players who pre-order the December Elite Pass Free Fire will give an exclusive reward on top of the Elite Pass to the players.

Player have two option to buy Free Fire Elite Pass:

  1. Elite Pass: 499 Diamonds - Unlock the Elite Pass, increase the daily Gold limit by 100, and exclusive badge on the kill feed.

  2. Elite Bundle: 999 Diamonds - All the privileges of the Elite Pass, plus 50 badges, and the respective rewards.

The Elite Bundle only helps you unlock the Elite Pass faster for the price of 500 Diamonds. If you have no problem completing the Elite Pass then you only need the Elite Pass.

Free Fire December Elite Pass 2021 Leaked Rewards

Now, we will take a peek at the upcoming Elite Pass in Free Fire to see what kind of rewards it offers. The Free Fire December Elite Pass 2021 will have a theme based on the French-suited deck of cards.

Players will unlock all the rewards in the Elite Pass when they reach 225 Badges. After that, they will get an Exclusive Loot Box for every 25 Badges. Players can still get rewards and earn Badges even if they don't buy the Elite Pass. However, there are a lot fewer rewards in the Free Pass.

Free Fire Free Pass December Rewards

  • 5 Badges - Turquoise Royalty
  • 40 Badges - Poker's Tyranny T-shirt

  • 100 Badges - Checkered T-shirt skin
  • 200 Badges - Pocker Monarch Parachute skin

Free Fire Elite Pass December Rewards

  • 0 Badge - Grenade Poker Monarch
  • 10 Badges - Palace of Poker Avatar
  • 15 Badges - Poker's Tyranny Jacket

  • 30 Badges - Navy Destiny Banner
  • 50 Badges - Jeweled Heart Bundle

  • 80 Badges - Poker Monarch Blade
  • 100 Badges - Beastly Warth Skyboard

  • 115 Badges - PLASMA Joker
  • 125 Badges - Puppet Poker

  • 150 Badges - Summy Monarch

  • 200 Badges - Poker Monarch Backpack skin

  • 225 Badges - Crowned Spades Bundle

How to get free Elite Pass in Free Fire 2021 ?

1. Google Opinion Rewards

These rewards are used to take part in a variety of surveys and win the cash rewards that can be used to purchase the diamonds.

2. GPT Apps and Websites

To engage in surveys and earn cash prizes, Garena Free Fire game players can use apps like Easy Rewards, Poll Pay, Swagbucks, and Prize Rebel.

3. Booyah Events

The Booyah events are purely utilised for Free Fire and in this, the players are able to earn diamonds by taking part in the events which are arranged by the Booyah app.

4. Advance Server

In this Advance Server, the players are able to earn diamonds by reporting the bugs or leaving feedback.


So, In this article, I have reviewed the free fire december elite pass 2021 release date, leaks, rewards, and how to get free elite pass in free fire 2021 ?

Thank you for reading this article.

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