Miss Diya Free Fire ID, Real Name, Age, Face, Device, and More

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In this article, i am going to share the information about the popular free fire female streamer Miss Diya Free Fire. She is often known as Blackpink Gaming

Miss Diya  is an popular free fire player from india. The real name of Miss Diya is Diya Hazarika. She has more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube. She is a well known free fire player and very popular among the free fire fan.

Miss Diya Instagram Account - @blackpinkdiya

Miss Diya Youtube Channel - Blackpink Gaming

Miss Diya Email - pickawork@gmail.com

Miss Diya Free Fire ID

Miss Diya's Free Fire ID number is 558477413 and her character name is Miss ࿐ Diya.

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Miss Diya Stats

Lifetime Stats

Miss Diya has played 11509 squad matches in free fire and won 2632 matches with the Win Ratio of 22.86%. She has eliminated total 29379 players in the game and he has K/D of 23.31 in squad.

In duo, She has featured in 11457 matches and come out top in 1981 matches. She has win ratio of 17.29%. She has finish off 28939 competitors in match and maintained KD of 3.05.

While in Solo matches, She has take part in 6157 match and has been victorious in 644 matches with the win ratio of  10.45%. She has also eliminated total 13253 players in the game and he has K/D of 2.15 in solo match.

Miss Diya (Blackpink gaming) Monthly Income and Net worth


According to social blades youtube data, Miss Diya's monthly income is ranges from $367 to $5.9K. Her net worth is ranging between $4.4K - $70.5K.

Miss Diya (Blackpink Gaming) Youtube Channel

Miss Diya has started his youtube channel on 3 August 2019. She has 1.2 Million active subscribers on her youtube channel. She daily stream free fire gameplay videos on her youtube channel. 

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