Unknown Op Pubg id, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Biography, Device, Controls and More

Today in this post, I am going to share the information about the Unknown op, his pubg id, biography, real name, age, face, device, and more.

Unknown OP is a famous PUBG Mobile player and content creator. He lives in pakistan. Unknown OP has more than 156K+ subscribers on Instagram and 43K followers on Instagram. 

Unknown OP Short Biography

Unknown OP Biography
Real Name Not Known
Nick Name Unknown OP
Age N/A
PUBG ID 5460574809
PUBG Name wtchandLearn
Clan N/A
Current Device iPhone 12
Claws 4 Finger Claws + Gyro Always On
Country Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Social Media Details
YouTube UnknownOp
Instagram @ig_unknwnop
Email unknwnop48@gmail.com

Unknown OP PUBG ID and Name

Unknown OP's PUBG ID number is 5460574809 and His pubg name is wtchandLearn.

Unknown OP Biography

Unknown OP is a famous Pubg player lives in pakistan. He has around 156K+ subscriber on YouTube and more than 200K+ followers on his facebook page.

Unknown OP get very popular after the 1vs1 battle with Star Anonymous. He has total of 5 million views on his YouTube channel.

Less Known Facts about Unknown Op

  • Unknown Op is the famous PUBG mobile Player.
  • He lives in Pakistan. He streams and uploads Pubg Mobile videos on YouTube.
  • He has more than 1 million popularity in the game.
  • He plays PUBG on iPhone 12 using 4 Fingers claw and gyro always on.

Most Searched Questions about Unknown Op

Who is Unknown Op?
Ans: Unknown Op is a popular Pubg Mobile Player from pakistan. He has about 1.56 lakh subscribers on YouTube channel & 200k followers on Facebook.

What is the real name of Unknown Op Pubg?
Ans: He has not revealed his real name yet.

Which phone does Unknown Op use?
Ans: Unknown op uses iPhone 12 to play PUBG mobile.

How much the net worth of Unknown op?
Ans: According to social blade stats, The montly income of unknown op is ranges between $192 - $3.1k and net worth is around $10K.

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