How to make time in Little Alchemy 2 ?

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 Time is a unique element in Little Alchemy 2. It can only be unlocked after you have discovered 100 elements, including the four base elements. Time can be used to make many items, including humans, fossils, and the Father Time deity. Getting access to time opens up almost 60 combinations that can be used to advance the game.

 Getting the 100 elements necessary to unlock time is fairly easy if you are familiar with the game or others similar to it. In this guide, we have listed a good combo order to unlock time quickly, along with a list of the different combinations time can be used in.

100 element combo order

This list is created by GambleDude on YouTube. It capitalizes on using combinations that create multiple elements to reach the 100 element mark as quickly as possible. 

These 100 combinations don’t have to be done in any particular order to reach the 100 element mark. Getting through this list only takes a few minutes and will net you 100 easy elements that can get you to a finished game in no time.

Combination Results
Fire + Fire Energy
Earth + Fire Lava
Water + Earth Mud
Water + Water Puddle
Puddle + Puddle Pond
Pond + Pond Lake
Lake + Lake Sea
Sea + Sea Ocean
Air + Air Pressure
Pressure + Air Wind
Sea + Earth Primordial Soup
Earth + Earth Land
land + Earth Continent
Continent + Continent Planet
Planet + Air Atmosphere
Atmosphere + Water Cloud
Cloud + Water Rain
Energy + Primordial Soup Life
Life + Land Animal, Soil
Rain + Soil Plant
Plant + Earth Grass
Plant + Fire Ash, Tobacco, Smoke
Cloud + Plant Cotton
Cotton + Cotton Thread
Thread + Thread Rope
Water + Lava Steam, Obsidian
Lava + Air Stone
Mud + Stone Clay
Clay + Life Human
Human + Human Love, Family
Air + Animal Bird
Fire + Planet Sun
Sun + Plant Sunflower, Oxygen
Stone + Human Tool
Tool + Sun Solar Cell, Sundial
Life + Fire Phoenix
Phoenix + Phoenix Egg
Mud + Fire Brick
Brick + Brick Wall
Wall + Wall House
Sea + Egg Roe, Fish
Bird + Wall Birdhouse, Birdcage
Bird + House Nest
Metal + Rope Wire, Chain
Metal + Stone Blade
Blade + Human Corpse, Blood
Blade + Metal Sword
Grass + Wall Fence, Ivy
Water + Sun Rainbow
Rainbow + Bird Peacock, Toucan
Plant + Rainbow Flower
Flower + Animal Bee, Butterfly
Pressure + Lava Eruption, Granite
Wind + Flower Leaf, Pollen
Human + Plant Farmer
Farmer + Grass Wheat, Hay
Farmer + House Farm
Farm + House Barn
Barn + Animals Livestock
Livestock + Barn Cow, Horse
Earth + Metal Plow
Plow + Earth Field
Egg + Barn Chicken
Chicken + Water Duck, Chicken Soup
Egg + Chicken Philosophy
Philosophy + House Container
Container + Flower Garden, Vase
Container + Nest Tree
Tree + Farmer Fruit, Nuts
Sword + Tree Wood
Wood + Container Fireplace, Bucket
Fire + Wood Campfire, Charcoal, Smoke
Campfire + House BBQ

Recipe’s using Time

As one of the basic elements, Time is one of the most useful elements in the game. It can be used in numerous combinations to create 34 different elements. The table below is a complete list of all the different recipes that can be used with Time to create new elements.

Ingredients Result
Castle Ruins
City Ruins
Farm Ruins
Hospital Ruins
House Ruins
Skyscraper Ruins
Village Ruins
Monkey Human
Animal Human, Sloth
Bee Honey
Bone Fossil
Grave Fossil
Skeleton Fossil
Dinosaur Bird, Fossil
Pterodactyl Bird
Bread Mold
Fruit Mold
Vegetable Mold
Campfire Ash, Smoke
Container Hourglass
Glass Hourglass
Sand Hourglass
Grass Peat
Swamp Peat
Human Corpse
Ice Glacier
Juice Alcohol
Life Death
Lizard Dinosaur
Machine Clock
Electricity Clock
Tool Clock
Wheel Clock
Fairy Tale Legend
Story Legend
Family Family Tree
Flower Fruit, Seed
Fossil Petroleum
Milk Cheese
Moon Night
Twilight Night
Night Dawn
Ocean Tide
Sea Tide
Peat Coal
Plant Tree
Primordial Soup Life
Rain Flood
Sky Moon
Sun Day
Volcano Eruption
Wine Vinegar


So, Guys, I have shared all the combination to make time in little alchemy 2.

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