Raistar Fire Hack Mod Apk 1.5 - (Paid) Free Download

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Raistar Fire hack Sensitivity 1.5 mod apk is a free fire one tap Gfx tool to improve headshot and Sensitivity. In this post, I gonna share the Raistar Fire Hack Sensitivity 1.5 - Headshot and Sensitivity Tool.

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What is Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 ?

Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Mod apk is a One Tap Gfx Tool Pro apk for Free Fire to improve headshot. Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Mod Apk Headshot and Sensitivity will help you to enhance Graphics.

Updated 23 December, 2021
Apk Version 1.5.0
Apk Size 135 Mb
Total Download 10K+ Downloads
Rating On 4.2
Mod Featured Auto Headshot
Play Store Link Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Headshot Tool

Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 is an application that helps increase Sensitivity, Accurate Headshots and improve your Free Fire playing experience. Vesperchip developed it to help gamers defeat opponents in matches with just one shot. With this tool, increasing your headshot rate to 99.99% shouldn’t be difficult.

Also, it assists you in improving graphic clarity, resolution, and motion. Besides, this tool minimizes lag in the game. It produces excellent sensitivity and renders all the images you see in the game at their highest sharpness. In addition, the Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 it provides makes details like objects and shadows more realistic. GFX increases optimization and resolution to make games run smoothly.

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Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Apk - Headshot and Sensitivity

Veteran gamers probably already know what to do when it comes to Headshot and Sensitivity settings in Free Fire. However, adjusting the sensitivity is a challenge for beginners. However, with Raistar Fire Hack 1.5, everything has been dramatically simplified. The sensitivity parameters in the game have been preset.

You do not need to manually adjust General, Red Dot, 2X Scope, 4X Scope, AWM Scope. However, although the parameters are already present, you can change them to suit your phone configuration. Then, click “Add to Free Fire,” and the system will apply the parameters. These sensitivity changes will reduce the weapon’s recoil for faster aiming and easier headshots.

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Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Apk Download Free (Paid Apk)

With the support of Raistar Fire Hack Mod APK 1.5, It is not difficult to increase rank in Free Fire. When applying this function, your shooting skills will increase rapidly. Instead of shooting many times, just one shot, you can knock down all opponents easily.

The accuracy of your gun’s targeting also increases with the Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Apk. Therefore, no matter what the distance is, you can still shoot accurately.

Raistar Fire Hack Mod Apk 1.5

Raistar Fire Hack Mod 1.5 Apk Feature

  •  Mobile Sensitivity 
  • Fire Hack 
  • One Tap shot 
  • Sensitivity of Raistar 
  • Game Booster 
  • GFX Tool

Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Mod Apk- FAQ

What is Raistar Fire Hack Sensitivity 1.5?

Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Sensitivity is a One tap gfx tool mod apk for Free Fire. Which improves the Headshot percentage, graphics, and sensitivity setting etc.

Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Apk is Free or Paid ?

Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Apk is Paid, You can purchase through google play store for 10 Rs.

IS Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Apk is Worth ?

Yes, It drastically improves the Gaming experience in Free Fire.

Who made Raistar Fire Hack?

It's made one private company from Jharkhand state. This is the email of that company - scytherff@gmail.com


So, In this post, I have share the Raistar Fire Hack 1.5 Apk Headshot and Sensitivity Tool for Free Fire.

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