BGMI 1.8.5 Release Date, New Mode Jujutsu Kaisen Mode, 8x8 TDM Mode and More

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So guys,  BGMI 1.8.5 New Mode Kaisen Mode and 8x8 TDM Mode and new accievment details. In today's post I will talk about the New Mode and Gameplay in latest patch of bgmi 1.8.5.

bgmi 1.8.5 update release and modes, features, patch note

As many players are excitied about this new upcoming game mode and 8x8 tdm mode, In this article, I will share its detailed guide explaining the features and gameplay.

BGMI 1.8.5 Release Date

BGMI has posted about the release of patch update Bgmi 1.8.5 on its social media handles that the update will be released in February. The exact release date of bgmi 1.8.5 update has not been announced by the developers yet.

But, We can expect this new update of BGMI 1.8.5 on 15th February or later. Also You can can follow the official social media handles of BGMI to get the every latest information on the related to the update.

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BGMI 1.8.5 Patch Note

  1. 4 main Characters from Jujutsu Kaisen are coming to Erangel.
  2. Jujutsu Kaisen Theme Mode can be played in ranked matching.
  3. Players can find locked treasures boxes in Erangel and Livik Map and can also find locations of the hidden treasure boxes and clues in the Season tab.
  4. After activating the hidden treasure boxes players can find loot. Skull Grenades are occasionally appearing across Erangel and Livik.
  5. A new 8vs8 arena map "Santorini" is coming to the game based on  Santorini Island with diverse roots.
  6. Quick voices of the BGMI partner "Jonathan Voice Pack" coming in BGMI

Jujutsu Kaisen Mode in BGMI Gameplay

While the Jujutsu Kaisen mode is not arrived yet, a brand new Arena TDM mode called the Santorini map has already been released in the game before the 1.8.5 update. However, let us look at the gameplay and features of the Jujutsu Kaisen mode in BGMI.

You can play the Jujutsu Kaisen mode by switching to erangle or livik mod. In this update of bgmi 1.8.5, We gonna see some mythic outfits in bgmi. Here are the name of the outfits that we wil see in the Bgmi 1.8.5 release. We are also going to get the 4 new character in Jujutsu Kaisen as follows.

  • Yuji Itadori
  • Gojo Satoru
  • Fushiguro Megumi
  • Kugisaki Nobara

In the Ranked Matching section, you may play Jujutsu Kaisen Theme mode. By clicking on the arrow symbol on the right bottom side of the map, players may switch between the old Erangel and Livik modes.


So The next update of Bgmi 1.8.5 is goignt to be very interesting. Keep eye on the update and We will update if any information leaked about the update of bgmi 1.8.5.

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