Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & Gfx Tool for Pubg / BGMI 1.8

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 Game Booster VIP Lag fix & Gfx tool 1.8.0 is a Game Booster for 60 FPS Extreme and Gfx tool. In this article I will share the Game Booster VIP Lag fix & Gfx tool for version 65.

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & Gfx Tool Mod Apk for BGMI 1.8

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix is a new and latest ultra-boost app for an android device developed and released by TOLAN which help them to boost their device performance using the latest artificial intelligence technology and also provide the full performance configuration of their device on their screen for free.

Friendly saying in
some developing countries people is still using old low ended device with low graphics and FPS due to which they are unable to play high graphics game sand apps. To help those users’ developers have released booster apps.

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & Gfx Tool Apk 1.8.0

Apk Name Game Booster VIP Lag Fix 1.8.0
Version 65
Last Updated 2 February 2022
Apk Size 2.5 MB
Installs 100K+
Play Store Link Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & Gfx

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & Gfx Features 1.8

  1. 100% Working
  2. Game Booster
  3. No Ads
  4. No Lags
  5. Auto Network listener Lag Fix
  6. One touch boost
  7. Turbo Boost
  8. Gfx Tool
  9. Hardware monitor
  10. No Heating

Turbo Boost

  • Checks for system stability and fixes issues
  • Boosts the device for benchmarks
  • Clear memory for RAM-Free Tweak 
  • Use artifical intelligence to optimize your device for game 
  • HDR image quality

GFX Tool

  • Game view up tp 2560 Resolution
  • INSANE FPS: Configuration for the INSANE FPS level.
  • HDR Game Graphics: Activate / simulate the HDR graphics on old devices.
  • Hardware Monitor

RAM Usage

  • Battery Temperature 
  • Network Latency


So, In this article, I have provided the Game booster Vip lag fix and Gfx for Bgmi and Pubg 1.8.0.

My name is rishab singh. I am student of Computer Science and love web development and programming.

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