BGMI Next Premium Crate Date, Time, Classic Crate, New Items in 2022

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BGMI & Pubg Next Premium Crate 2.0

So as You know that with each new season Bgmi and Pubg release new premium crates, classic crates, and new items, skins, and outfits in the crate.

In this article, I am going to show a preview of some items that are going to appear in the next premium and classic crates. And I will also talk about the release date of Pubg's and Bgmi's new premium and classic crates rewards.

BGMI 2.0 Next Premium Crate Date

BGMI 2.0 is going to be released on 17 April. With the new BGMI and Pubg 1.9 update, the New Classic and Premium crates are also going to release. According to the news, the next premium crates would appear in the BGMI 1.9 C2S5 season premium crate.

The BGMI and Pubg premium crate will be released on 17th April after the Bgmi 1.9 update. I will share the Leaks and Images of the Items that will be there in the next premium and classic crates are given below.

Next Premium Crate new Items 2022

Below is the list of items that will be going to appear in the Next Bgmi and Pubg Premium crate.

  1. Premium Crate Ironblood Sheriff Set
  2. Dancing Princess Outfit Set
  3. Star and Stripe Outfit Set
  4. Count Backpack Skin
  5. Fluorescent Jesterette Set
  6. Vampire Set
  7. Underworld Guardian full set
  8. Party Trooper Set
  9. Golden Prince Pan Skin
  10. Golden Vintage Record Thompson Gun Skin
  11. Acolyst of Justice AKM Gun Skin
  12. Austere Gold Backback
  13. Mobile Fort Vehicle Skin (for Sidecar Motorcycle)
  14. Red, White, and Blue Outfit Set
  15. Star and Stripes Dp-28 Weapon skin
  16. Star and Stripe Headgear
  17. Stars and Stripes UAZ
  18. Stars and Stripes Backpack
  19. Merry Tiding Smoke Grenade skin
  20. Armored Hunter Mirado
  21. Monster backpack
  22. Master of the Land Backpack
  23. Master of the Land Set
  24. Master of the Land Kar98K
  25. Inferno Rider Helmet

1. Ironblood Sheriff Outfit Set

This Ironblood Sheriff Set is going to be the next legendary Outfit that will appear in BGMI 1.9 update premium crate.

2. Star and Stripes Outfit

Star and Stripes outfit set

3. Red, White, and Blue Outfit

4. Star and Stripe DP-28 Gun Skin

5. Star and Stripe UAZ Skin

6. Count Backpack Skin

7. Armored Hunter Mirado

8. Inferno Mythic Helmet

9. Vampire Set with Emote

10. Fluorescent Jesterette Set (for Pubg Mobile only)

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So, I have shared the Bgmi and Pubg next premium crate release date and new outfits, gun skins, backpacks, and helmet skins in the next premium crate.

If you want anniversary crate details then comment below. I will suggest you don't waste your premium crate coupons save for the Next Premium and classic crates release so You can get new legendary and mythic items from the crate.

Thank you.

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