Free Fire Max Headshot Hack File Mod Apk Download

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Free Fire is the most popular game in India but after the temporary ban of the Free Fire from the Play store, Free Fire Max is becoming more popular. Today I am going to share the Free Fire Max Auto Headshot hack mod apk file download. 

Free Fire Max is simply the more graphic enhanced Free Fire with a more smooth and High-resolution gameplay experience.

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What is Free Fire Max Headshot Hack?

Free Fire Max Headshot hack is a mod apk file in which different types of Hacks and Features are available. If you use this Headshot hack in FF Max then, You can beat any enemy easily in Free Fire.

This Headshot hack mod apk can unlock the Aimbot with 100% accuracy and Auto Headshot for all the devices.

Different Hack available in Free Fire Max Headshot Hack

  1. Free Fire Max Headshot hack
  2. 100% Auto Aim (Aimbot)
  3. Ghost Mode
  4. Medkit Hack
  5. Teleportation

1. Auto Aim Feature

Auto Aim features help to enable Aim lock so, you can lock the target and down the enemy easily. This feature is very useful in long-distance intense fights. It automatically locks the Gun Aim at the enemy so you can take down any enemy from far away from It.

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2. Ghost Mode

This is a very interesting feature of the Free Fire Max Headshot hack mod apk file. This file enables you to kill your enemies without showing your actual position. In this hack, the Enemy can't see you but You can see the enemy and kill your enemies.

3. Medkit Hack

If you played the Free Fire or FF max then You probably know that You can't use the Medkits while running. So, this hack can be used to apply Medkits and other kinds of stuff while running.

Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File Download

4. Teleportation

In this Hack of Free Fire Max Headshot hack mod apk, You can switch your position to any location on the map. With the help of this feature, You can easily teleport from one to another location easily. 

Download the Free Fire Max Headshot Hack file Mod Apk:

Download Here


After all, Free Fire Max Headshot hack is very helpful if you want to kill your enemies with ease. Thanks for reading the article.

But one thing I want to say is that Using these kinds of hacks is not legal, If you are found doing this Your Free Fire Account can be banned so be aware of this before using this on a real account.

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