BMPS Finals Top Fragger List in BGMI BMPS Season 1

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 Today In this article, I am going to share the BMPS Finals Top fragger list in BMPS Season 1.

BMPS Season 1, Only two days more remained of this tournament, and Team Soul is leading the leaderboard with 33 Points leads from the team at second rank.

How to vote for your favorite team and player in BGMI BMPS Voting?

Soul Goblin and Soul Akshat have one of the major roles to take Team Soul to the first position on the leaderboard. Whereas Enigma's Eggy was trying to give his best for his team.

Below are the BMPS Finals Overall Top Fraggers and Day 2 Top fraggers list.

BMPS Finals Top Fraggers List

Players Name Finishes
Soul Akshat 27
Enigma Eggy 27
Soul Goblin 23
GE Rony 22
FS K47st 20

Top Fraggers of BMPS Final Day 2

On the BMPS Final Day 2, Soul Goblin topped the list with 15 Finishes, Whereas Enigma Eggy holds the second position on the top fraggers list of BMPS Finals Day 2 with 13 Finishes.

Followed by Soul Akshat, Hydra Jaxon, and FS K47ST secured 3rd, 4th, and 5th rank with 12, 12, and 11 Finishes respectively.

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