BMPS Prize Pool Distribution and BGMI Pro Series Day 3 Points Table

BMPS Prize Pool Distribution, BGMI Pro Series Day 3 Points Table, BMPS Final Day 3 points table

 As you know guys, BMPS Season 1 finals are started on the 9th of June and will end on the 12th of June means today. So, In this article, I am going to share the Battleground Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) season 1 Prize Pools and BGMI pro series points table with you.

BMPS Prize Pool Distribution

There is a total of 32 Total teams invited for the BMPS out of 24 Teams qualified for the BMPS. After the qualifier round, 8 Teams are eliminated and 16 teams are qualified for the BMPS Grand Final.

BMPS has a total prize pool distribution of 2 Crore INR. The winning team will get 75 Lakh INR and whereas the second rank team will  35 Lakh Prize money. Although all the reams will get some Prize Money from the BMPS, here is the Prize Pool distribution of the BGMI pro series season 1.

Place Prize
1st 75 Lakh
2nd 35 Lakh
3rd 20 Lakh
4th 10 Lakh
5th 9 Lakh
6th 7.5 Lakh
7th 5 Lakh
8th 4 Lakh
9th 3 Lakh
10th 2.50 Lakh
11th 2.25 Lakh
12th 2 Lakh
13th 1.75 Lakh
14th 1.5 Lakh
15th 1 Lakh
16th 1 Lakh
MVP 2.5 Lakh
Most Kills (Finishes) 2 Lakh
Long Survivor 1 Lakh
Rampage 1 Lakh

BGMI Pro Series Season 1 Point Table (Final Day 3)

Rank Team Finish Points Position Points Total
1 Team Soul 125 129 254
2 Global Esports 81 102 183
3 NIGMA Galaxy 88 81 169
4 OR Esports 71 92 163
5 Enigma Gaming 77 82 159
6 FS eSports 71 79 150
7 Big Brother Esports 50 92 142
8 7SeaEsports 74 61 135
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