Slime Hutch Stardew Valley - Complete Guide and Layout

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 Stardew Valley is constantly updated by its developers and players are getting consistently new Buildings, Materials, Mysterious Areas, and a lot more. After giving hours into it players are discovering new things.

Slime Hutch allows you to raise Slimes on your farm and Obtain slime balls. These slime balls explode into 15-20 slime eggs. Slime eggs can be used in the Spool of the Sewing Machine to create Baggy pants in Stardew valley.

How to Build Slime Hutch in Your farm Stardew valley? 

Slime Hutch is a farm building that you can purchase from robin's carpenter's shop that can store up to 20 Slimes.

Here is the Building cost and materials required to build a slime hutch in Stardew valley.

Building Cost 10,00 GOLD
Materials Required
  • 500 Stones
  • 10 Refined Quartz
  • 1 Iridium Bar
Building Time 2 Days
Animals Slimes (Any Colour)
Capacity 20 Slimes
Exterior Size 11x6
Interior Size 15x8

Hatching Slime Eggs In Your Slimes Hutch

To farm the Slime Hutch three useful items should be added to the farm, PathWay blockers, sprinklers, and Flooring. First arrange the Fences, statues, and other path-blocking items on the farm, this will isolate these slimes to mate and make the building safer to enter. These trapped slimes will be able to reproduce in the isolation. Slimes do not physically need to reach the water source so enclosing them will do.

Sprinklers can be used to automatically water through. And note that slimes cannot spawn on top of crafted floor so, it can be used to choose where slime balls spawn.

How much is Slime Hutch Worth?

Slimes can give you 6k daily profit which you can get easily from cows and sheep. So You really don't need Slime. You can have slimes or any other animals.

But Slime Hutch is good if you’re doing Iridium Farming. It can be used to craft Iridium Sprinkler. All over slime hutch does give me a decent amount of supply.

What are Slime Incubators?

You can use a slime incubator to hatch slime eggs into a slime. Slime incubation takes entire 4,000 in-game minutes to hatch slime.

Hatched slime is of the same color as the slime egg. The purple egg will hatch purple slime, red slime will hatch red slime, green will hatch green slime & blue egg will hatch into blue slime. The gender of Slimes can't be predicted because it is random.

Slime Eggs Selling Prices of different colors

  1. Red Slime Eggs Price: 2,500 Gold
  2. Purple Slime Eggs Price: 5,000 Gold
  3. Green Slime Eggs Price: 1,000 Gold 
  4. Blue Slime Eggs Price: 1,750 Gold

What is Slime Charmer Ring?

Slimes in the slime hutch will try to hurt you by jumping at your player. To prevent damage and debuffs use a slime charmer ring to stay safer from these slimes.

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