Pubg Mobile Royal Pass M15 and M16 Rewards, Leaks, Release Date

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Hello, Guys, Million players are actively playing Pubg Mobile and BGMI. The developers of Pubg mobile, Tencent Inc. consistently improve the Game experience by adding new items and Features in Pubg Mobile. 

They bring new items, maps, mods, and many more just to enhance the user experience. In this article, I am going to share the Pubg Mobile Royal pass Month 15 and 16 rewards and items and also the treasure boxes so you can grab the previous season's items.

Pubg Mobile Month 15 Royal Pass Rewards

Many Youtubers are working hard to bring the Next season leaks and rewards. Based on the leaks by many YouTubers, the Month 15 royal pass of Pubg mobile includes the new items and outfits, emotes and many new things are:

The Pubg mobile royal pass M15 will be based on Razzle Dazzle theme

  • Drum Sensation - DP28
  • Groovy Pack Set and Music Star Win 94
  • Fairytale Scarecrow
  • Exited Dance Emote
  • Magical Night Helmet, Magical Night Ornament, and Smoke Grenade
  • Cute Clown Finish PlaneMidas Fortune Mythic Emote
  • Choice between - Midas
  • Fortune Set and Cover and Clairvoyant Fox Set and Cover

Pubg Mobile Season 15 Royal pass full details and Leaks  

Pubg Mobile Season 16 Royal Pass Leaks

Based on the leaks, The Pubg Mobile Season 16 royal pass will have a Heroic Palace theme and include these new Items.

  • Dynamic Beat - SLR
  • Color Explosion - AKM
  • Cute Cactus - QBZ
  • DJ Dancer Set, DJ Dancer Cover, and Grain Revolution UMP - 45
  • Visage Smoke Grenade
  • Cupid Ornament
  • Unknown Destination Plane Finish
  • Masked Crusader Emote
  • Hip Hop Scarecrow Set and Hip Hop Scarecrow Cover
  • Wild Dance Emote
  • Masked Crusader Set and Masked Crusader Cover

Here's watch the reviews and leaks of the Pubg mobile M16 royal pass rewards.

Pubg Mobile Month 15 Royal Pass Treasure Box Rewards

  • Season 8 - Night Dancer Set and Night Dancer Mask
  • Groovy Teen Set
  • Night Dancer - SLR
  • Alien Technology - QBZ and QBU
  • Electronica Hearts Mask, Electronica Hearts Parachute, and Electronica Hearts Cover
  • Month 1 - Night Stalker Set and Night Stalker Parachute
  • Month 2 - Marine Marauder Set
  • Month 2 - Wavebreaker Set
  • Season 18 - Heavenly Cadence Smoke Grenade
  • Heavenly Cadence Set and Heavenly Cadence Goggles
  • Stomping Beat Set and Stomping Beat Goggles
  • Shell Throne Sidecar Motorcycle
  • Pink and Blue Harmony Buggy
  • Pink and Blue Harmony VSS
  • Marine Marauder Uzi
  • Marine Stalker Parachute
  • Schoolgirl in Pink Outfit

Pubg Mobile Month 16 Royal Pass Treasure boxes also will have previous season's items and this is the chance you can grab the items that have missed.

Pubg Mobile RP Month 16 Treasure Box

  • Month 3 - Deep Fried Set and Cover
  • Month 4 - Mecha Bruiser Set and Cover
  • Season 4 - Roaring Grizzly Pan and Roaring Grizzly Parachute
  • Season 8 - Clownfish Suit
  • Season 11 - Elite Force Set and Cover
  • Season 11 - Leopard Suit Outfit
  • Season 11 - Reckless Trooper Set, Lost in the Night Parachute
  • Drifter - AUG A3
  • Wavebreaker SetReckless Mercenary Set
  • Supermarket Sale Parachute
  • Withering Death - AWM
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