You Must Be Coded as a Minion Lol: Loldle Quote of the Day Solution

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Loldle is a game based on wordle and uses Lol, its champions and qoutes, It is more like League of legends daily challenge.

Todays, Quote of the day is "You Must be coded as a minion". All the LoL users get a total 8 chances to find out all the quote of the day LoLdle quest answers, and the LoLdle puzzle quest for November 1, 2022 is also now available.

This quote make us think of the champions that have background where technology has involved, as well as arrogance.

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Today Loldle Quote answer

The answer to the question of which champion in League of Legends says: "You must be coded as a minion", is Camille.

Camile is an old-money enforcer, who uses technology to extend her lifespan. With the sharp mind as blades she bears, Camille's reliance on elective augmentation of the hextech body has left many wondering if she is now more of a robot than a human.

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