Pubg Mobile Season 17 Rewards Leaks (Pubg Mobile India)

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 In this article, We are going to look at the following Rewards in Season 17.

  • Pubg Season 17 - Gold Reward
  • Pubg Season 17 - Platinum Reward
  • Pubg Season 17 - Diamond Reward
  • Pubg Season 17 - Ace and Conqueror Reward

Pubg Mobile Season 17 Leaks
Pubg mobile season 17 leaks

Pubg Mobile is one of the biggest Multiplayer Royale Game in the world. Every Pubg Player is excited when the new Season Begins. So here is the Season 17 Rewards are listed here.
As we know, Pubg Mobile Season 16 is about to end. Here we have leaked details of Pubg mobile Season 17 Rewards.

Pubg Mobile Season 17 - Gold Tier Reward

This Season, We should except the Demon and Warrior based Outfits and Gun skins. Look at the Gold tier rewards.

gold tier reward season 17

Pubg Season 17 - Platinum Tier Reward

In the platinum Tier, We will receive the headgear of the above outfits. Here is the leaked image.

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platinum tier reward season 17

Pubg Season 17 - Diamond Tier Reward

In the Diamond Tier of Pubg Mobile Season 17, We will receive cool and awesome AWM Gun Skin and 1000 silver Fragments at the end of the season. Additionally, players will also receive 3 Tier protection card.
here is Leaked Image :

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Pubg Season 17 - Ace and Conqueror Tier Reward

In Ace Tier: 

Each season, Players receive a parachute skin in Ace Tier. Similarly, In season 17, we will get a parachute skin. Here is a leaked image of Parachute skins and Ace tier legendry team effect. Along with this, the player will also receive 1600 silver Fragment and Ace title too.

season 17 ace tier reward

In Conqueror Tier :

In season 17, the players will get a Conqueror Frame.
In the conqueror tier, we will also get a Nametag, Conqueror title, and Mythic team effect. Additionally, the 2000 silver fragment when the season ends.

season 17 - conqueror tier reward
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