Regaltos Pubg ID, stats, face and More

Regaltos is a popular pubg player and content creator. He basically streams his games on youtube and Nimo tv. He is widely famous as soul regaltos across the Indian gaming community. 

soul regaltos

In this article, we are going to give a piece of brief information about regaltos Pubdg ID, age, pubg name, real name, and girlfriend. His real name is Parv Singh (Jain).

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Soul Regaltos Short Biography

Short Biography of Soul Regaltos
Full Name Parv Singh(Jain)
Pubg Name SoulReGaLToS
Pubg ID 593193849
Hometown Delhi

Soul Regaltos Pubg ID and Hometown 

The real Name of Regaltos is Parv Singh. His In-game name (IGN) is SoulReGaLToS. The hometown of Soul Regaltos is Delhi and he currently lives in Delhi. Pubg now is the one of most played and liked games in the last two years. Because of the huge popularity of Pubg Mobile, the content creators also increased in a few years.  

Regaltos is also one of the famous content creators in India and a professional pubg player. He recently received a golden play button from Youtube for 1 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

Social Media Information of Regaltos

Social Media
YouTube Soul Regaltos
Instagram @soul_regaltos
Nimo Tv #Regaltos
Discord Server Soul Regaltos
T3 Custom Pubg Discord Link T3 Custom Pubg Discord

Regaltos mainly streams his gaming videos on YouTube and Nimo TV. He has 925k followers on Instagram and 1.8 Million subscribers on YouTube. He is also on the discord server (link above). The above table has all the social media links of soul Regaltos.

Soul Regaltos Girlfriend

According to many people's Entity Payal, She is the girlfriend of Regaltos but he had not declared Payal as a girlfriend. 

Rumors are spreading about regaltos that Entity Payal is the girlfriend of regaltos.

Regaltos Camera Sensitivity

  • 3rd person – 120%
  • 1st Person – 104%
  • Red dot – 34%
  • 2x scope – 30%
  • 3x scope – 22%
  • 4x scope – 24%
  • 6x scope – 19%
  • 8x scope – 12%

Regaltos ADS Sensitivity:

  • 3rd person – 95%
  • 1st Person – 75%
  • Red dot – 20%
  • 2x scope – 15%
  • 3x scope – 25%
  • 4x scope – 21%
  • 6x scope – 37%
  • 8x scope – 17%

Regaltos Gyroscope Sensitivity:

  • 3rd person – 300%
  • 1st Person – 300%
  • Red dot – 300%
  • 2x scope – 300%
  • 3x scope – 240%
  • 4x scope – 260%
  • 6x scope – 240%
  • 8x scope – 85%
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