Free Fire Tips and Tricks for absolute beginner

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 In this article, I'll share a list of Tips that You can follow to start playing Freefire for those who just started playing Freefire. Follow the article to start a way to become a pro Freefire player.

Freefire is amongst the most popular multiplayer royale games after Pubg Mobile. Unlike pubg mobile, Freefire is more simple and clear to play. It has more than 500 Million downloads on Playstore. It is the most trending game in the quarantine period when Pubg get banned in India.

Knowing the basic setting of Freefire will help to improve your gaming and become a pro Freefire player in a short period of time.

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#1. Always get cover

Many players take fights in the open where there is no cover. Many other players take advantage of these fights and Kill player without much effort. When you are taking the fight with anyone, first take a cover than fight, this ensures that no one will do third-party and kill you and your teammates.

if you are want to survive until the last zone then this is the first thing, you should take care of it.

Always Get Cover

#2. Don't Loot in Open

Often you clear a squad and Loot players box( crate). while you are looting enemies take an eye on you and fire on you when you are looting and kill you.

Be sure that no one around you and keep track of your enemies. when you are Looting in the Open then this is effortless for enemies to catch you off the guard while you are busy looting crates.

#3. Best FreeFire Setting and Sensitivity 
Best Sensitivity

I have seen that many players play Freefire with the default setting that is already set by FreeFire. They don't change or even check these settings before Playing. it is one of the most important parts of your gameplay. So check these settings and change them according to your comfort.

if you want to change the setting Go to Settings > Sensitivity. Here is some range where you can choose according to your preferences.

1.General Setting: 50-90
2. Red dot sensitivity: 65-90
3: 2X and 4X sensitivity: 65-95
4: AWM scope sensitivity: 70-90

#4: Enable the default Aim Precision
Default Auto Aim

Enable the Default aim precision setting for Auto Aim and More Headshots. This setting is similar to Aim Assist in Pubg Mobile. It helps us to aim correctly on Enemy and Also increases the chance of hitting the enemy. So keep this setting on Default. To enable this setting go to Settings > Controls and there you will see a setting name Aim Precision, set this setting to default by click on the default button.

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#5 Practice Sniping and Make use of It.
Practice Sniping

Sniping is the most powerful option when you are taking the fight in the long-range. It is required that you should practice sniping in training or arcade matches. A sniping gun can down the enemy in a single shot. In long-range fights,  Assault Riffles not damage what they do in close range because of their range. AR guns are best in close range and good in mid-range. So it is good to practice sniping and making use of It.

#6 Take Fight even Outside of Zone
Take the fight outside of the Zone

Many players fear to take fights outside of the zone. when players are outside of the zone they feel Uncomfortable Fight and want to return in Zone. So keep the habit of taking fights outside of the zone. Feel free to take the fight outside of the zone and Down the enemies outside will increase your confidence to play when you are far away from the zone. Give priority to End Zones because these zones inflict lots of Damage. sniping also improves the aim.

#7 Best Claw SetUp
Best Claw Setup for FreeFire

Changing the controls according to your precision is the best idea. Change your control or claw setting that you can play easily and practice again and again until you can play without looking at these buttons. Try to play with 4 Finger because its increases your gameplay speed and reflexes. Hide those settings that you don't uses. Unless you can't set the best controls for your need, you can't play perfectly.

#Extra Tips:

don't Jump and Shoot unnecessarily. When do you need to jump and shoot only use their unnecessarily jump and shoot give an advantage to your enemies sometimes?

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