Pubg Mobile Season 19 release date revealed, Check Tier rewards Here

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Recently Pubg mobile season 18 end date was revealed and All the players of Pubg Mobile was wondering that what are the next features and exciting gaming experience will come with Pubg Mobile Season 19.

Today In this post we will see what are the expected gaming updates and features we should receive and also going to discover the next season tiers rewards items. 

Pubg Mobile Season 19 release date

According to the news, Pubg Mobile Season 19 will begin on May 17. Similar to all the seasons Players have two options for the Royal pass purchase. First is Elite Pass and Elite pass plus. Players will get extra outfits, gun skins, and others when they purchase Elite Pass.

The tier rewards for season 19 were already leaked on the internet.

Pubg Mobile Season 19 Tier Rewards

Gold Tier Reward

Gold Tier is the first tier where every player can get Outfit for free after entering the Gold Tier. There are different outfits every year. Here is the leaked image of Gold Tier in season 19

Platinum Tier Reward

After entering into the Platinum tier and playing 5 matches in the platinum tier, you are able to grab this tier reward. here you will get a cool Mask matching with the Gold Tier reward and along with this, you will get 800 Silver fragments after the end of season 19. Here is the image of that mask that you will receive after playing 5 matches in the platinum tier:

Diamond Tier Reward

The best reward that you will definitely love can be obtained by playing 5 matches in the Diamond Tier. You are going to receive these cool M249 gun skins that every player awaiting. Check this image you will get this cool gun skin-free along with 1000 silver fragments after the end of season 19.

Crown Tier Reward

Are you looking for the rank push in the Pubg Mobile Season 19 then this reward is waiting for you? You will get offered for Parachute Skin after reaching and playing at least 5 matches in the crown tier. 

You will also be going to receive card protection that you can choose while you are thinking to rank push in the hot-drop area. Along with parachute, you will get Season 19 crown tag, Epic Team entry effect, and also 1300 silver fragments for free at the end of the season. Check out this image of a parachute. 

Ace Tier Reward

As you know we don't receive any extra reward in the ace tier. But you are going to receive 1600 Silver fragments, Season 19 Ace Title, Legendary team entry effect.

Conqueror Tier Reward

The Hardest and toughest Tier in the Pubg Mobile awards a Season conqueror Name tag, Season Conqueror Frames, and a Mythic Team Entry effect. You can reach conqueror after taking a spot in Top 500 players in your server. The best rewards you will obtain after reaching conqueror is nothing but respect with Conqueror Frame and Mythic Team entry effect. Along with all of these, You will get 2000 Silver Fragments for Conqueror at the end of Season 19. 

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