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Today, The gaming community has cross million of views per gameplay, but very few peoples stream Pubg mobile lite, This game is specifically made for the low-end devices which can't perform well with heavy mobile games such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite.

GoD Tushar OP one of them popular streamers, streams Pubg mobile lite gameplay of YouTube. GoD Tushar OP becomes very popular in a very short time because of the low competition in Pubg mobile lite.

GOD Tushar OP's Biography

The real name of God Tushar Op is Tushar Chaudhary. They became very popular streamers in a very short time. He became very popular because of his gaming skills, among players and among streamers who stream Pubg Lite on YouTube. 

His YouTube channel name is GOD Tushar Op has more than 1 lakh subscribers today and every day they got 10 thousand (10 k+) views on YouTube. 

God Tushar OP's Pubg Mobile Lite ID

Pubg Mobile Lite ID of GodTushar is 7376472873.

GodTushar pubg lite id

As you can see, GodTsharOP Pubg mobile lite id is 7376472873, and hs in-game name is TeamGodTushar. He is the co-leader of the GoDeSports clan.

God Tushar statistic of this season

Tushar mostly plays matches in Squad. You can see his last season's statistic in Pubg Lite with a huge K/D of 14.12. Which is quite high than others. He is pushing for the Conqueror this season in Pubg mobile lite.

GoD Tushar OP Youtube channel

As He became a very popular streamer, he has a high number of subscribers on his youtube channel. Earlier, He started his streaming on his elder brother's a youtube channel, In late 2020, he started his YouTube channel with the name GodTusharOp, His elder brother's youtube channel name is GodPraveenYT. 

He had completed 1lakh subscribers within 7 months of the period. That was very hard to achieve in a very short time. GodTusharOp only streams Pubg Mobile Lite gameplay on his YouTube channel. 

God Tushar OP Mobile Specification

  • Phone: One Plus 8
  • Streaming Source: Elgato
Later, His elder brother Praveen gifted him a new phone for streaming. After the ban of Pubg Mobile, Pubg Mobile corp. also sent a gift for Tushar. 

 God Tushar monthly earnings

His channel has more than 2 lakh subscribers. He daily receives more than 10k+ views from videos and also got more than 1.50 lakh views on each live stream video. He earns a monthly around 1 lakh 10 thousand to 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees from his channel.

He also receives super chats and more from his channel. This data may be accurate or less or more. This data is collected from the social blade. The income sources are ADS and super chate while live streaming of gameplay on his youtube channel.

Most Searched Questions About God Tushar OP.

What is the Pubg Lite ID of God Tushar OP?
God Tushar OP's Pubg Lite ID is 7376472873 and His Pubg Name is TeamGodTushar.

What is the real name of GoD Tushar OP?
God Tushar OP's real name is Tushar Chaudhary.

What is the business Email Address of God Tushar OP?
His email id is - manager@godesports.in.


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