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Athena PUBG Wiki, Age, Real Name, PUBG ID Name, PUBG ID Number, Face, Team, Biography, Girlfriend, and More. Athena PUBG all Information and stats. A

Athena  Gaming or Serioton, He is a professional Pubg Mobile Player and Content creator.

In today's article, I am going to share the athena gaming Pubg ID, Biography, Age, Net Woth, Face, and More.

Here is the all information that you should know about Athena Gaming aka Serioton.

Short Biography Of The Athena Gaming

Real Name Lee Hyeong Seob
Nick Name Athena
Crew YouTubeMOK
Date Of Birth 29 AUGUST 
PUBG Name Serioton
PUBG ID Number 694984807
Team Players Name Kirill, MOK*Gaming
Clan Name ROK.ARMY
Controls 4 finger claw
Device Used to play iPad
Other Youtube Channel Only single Youtube
Social Media Information
youtube Athena Gaming
Facebook AthenaGaming
Instagram  serioton0829

Athena Gaming PUBG IDand Name

Athena Gaming's PUGB ID 694984807 and his PUBG name is Athena.

Athena Pubg Biography

The real name of Athena is Lee Hyeong Seo. Athena is also known by his nickname serioton.

PUBG ID Number of Athena is 694984807 and the PUBG Mobile Character ID of Athena is Serioton. He started his youtube channel on 9 March 2014. He has more than 2.5 million subscribers on his youtube channel. He is a very famous PUBG player

Athena YouTube Channle

Athena has more than 2.5 million subscribers on his youtube channel. He is a very famous PUBG Mobile player.  Athena is a pro player on PUBG mobile. Many people subscribe to his youtube channel daily. He Provides Fresh PUBG Mobile Content daily on his youtube channel. His every Video crosses an average of 300k + Views. 

Athena Social Information 

ATHENA Gaming has 2.1 million+ Subscribers on its youtube channel. He has more than 142k+ Followers on his Instagram account. His official Instagram username is serioton0829. His Offical Facebook page name is PUBG.AthenaGaming.

Less Known Facts About Athena

  • The real name of Athena gaming is Lee Hyeong Seob
  • Athena started his youtube channel on 9 March 2014
  • Athena was Born on 29 August in South Korea
  • Serioton doesn’t read  Instagram DM 

Further reading

Athena Gaming PUBG YouTube videos

Controls and Sensitivity Setting

  • Camera Free Look Sensitivity  

3rd Person Camera: 70 
Camera: 100 
1st Person Camera: 70

  • Camera 

3rd Person No Scope: 100 
1st Person No Scope: 88
2x Scope: 44 
3x Scope: 18 
Red Dot, Holographic: 53 
4x Scope: 10
6x Scope: 7 
8x Scope: 5

  • ADS Sensitivity 

3rd Person No Scope: 100
1st Person No Scope: 88
2x Scope: 44
3x Scope: 18
Red Dot, Holographic: 53 
4x Scope: 13 
6x Scope: 10
 8x Scope: 8

  • Gyroscope

2x Scope: 39
3x Scope: 18
Red Dot, Holographic: 40
4x Scope: 6
6x Scope: 2
8x Scope: 2

Final Word / Conclusion

So, This is a biography Of Athena aka Serioton Pubg Player aka Seriton including his real name, Age, Family, earnings, Sensitivity, Controls, and more. If you like the post let us know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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