Fnatic Owais Pubg ID, Wiki, real name, Age, Bio, Device, Sensitivity and More

Owais Pubg ID, Owais wiki, Bio, Age, Device, Controls, Sensitivity, and More, Owasi Pubg net worth, owais pubg age, owais pubg father, mohammed owais

Owais Pubg ID, real name, age, wiki

So Owais is an Indian YouTuber, Pubg Player, and Streamer. Today, I'm going to share full information about Fnatic Owais including Owais Pubg ID,  Owais wiki, Bio, Age, Device, Controls, Sensitivity, and More.

So Fnatic Owais is an Indian player and Owais is the member of clan Fnatic. Fnatic clan leader is Scout. See Fnatic Scout Pubg ID, Wiki,  Age, net worth, and more.

Fnatic Owais Biography

Real Name Mohammed Owais Lakhani
Nick Name Owais
Religion Muslim
Age Don't Know
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Owasie Pubg ID 517485393
Pubg Name FNCowais
Clan Name Fnaticsports
Teammate Name FNC・JunaidOp
Crew Name Fnatic
Controls 4 Finger Claw
Device iPhone
Profession Gamer, Streamer, and YouTuber

Social Handles

Instagram @owais_op
YouTube Owais
Email owaisgaming8@gmail.com

Owais Pubg Player

Owais Pubg ID is 517485393 and His Pubg name is FNCowais. Owais's real name is Mohammed Owais Lakhan and his nickname is Owais. He currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

He uses 4 finger claw setup in his iPhone to play Pubg Mobile. Owais is an excellent Close Combat assaulted. Owais was first in the Soul clan later He joined with ScoutOp's clan Fnatic.

Fnatic Owais Pubg Wiki, Bio

Owais and Scout created Fnatic Clan

Owais is previously in the Soul Clan, whose leader was Soul Mortal. After the result of the Pubg Mobile club, open Spring Split 2019, scOutOP and Owais decided to leave the clan and scOutOP created a new clan Fnaticsports. 

Owais Youtube and Instagram 

On March 17th, 2015, Owais started his YouTube channel - Owais. Now, Owais has 568k subscribers and Owais has gained 79.8 Million views till now from starting.
Owais is a very popular YouTuber and streams daily on his YouTube channel. Mostly he streames 
Solo vs Squad games.
Owais is also famous on Instagram. He has 412k+ followers. Owais uploads gameplay videos, Tips, and Trick videos.


Facts about Fnatic Owais

  • He is 4 Finger claw player. Many people believe that he is 5 Finger player.
  • Owais is a gamer as well as an Athlete.
  • Owais Pubg Mobile's average K/D in all seasons is above 5.
  • Owais has 568k Subscribers on YouTube.
  • On Instagram, He has 412k+ followers.
  • Owais's real name is Mohammed Owais Lakhani.
  • Owais lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Popular Videos of Fnatic Owais

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