Soul Mortal BGMI ID, Wiki, Age, Controls, Income, Facts, and More

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Pubg is the most popular emerging multiplayer battle royal game. Due to the huge popularity of Pubg Mobile, many players started creating videos of gameplay and made this a career. Soul Mortal is one of them, who makes gameplay videos and streams on Youtube channel.

In this article, I will share the information of Soul Mortal including his Real Name, BGMI  ID, BGMI Name, Age, Face, Hometown, Facts, and More.

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Short Biography of Soul Mortal

Short Biography of Soul Mortal
Real Name Naman Mathur
Nickname Mortal
BGMI ID Number 590211476
BMGI Character ID SoulMortal
Crew Team Soul
Date of Birth May 22, 1996
Controls 4 Finger Claw
The device used to Play iPad / Asus / OnePlus 6
Clan Name Team Shoulders
Teammates Soul Viper, SoulReGaLToS,
 and Soul TeamXSpark
Pubg Popularity +25092.6k
Social Media
Instagram @ig_mortal
YouTube Mortal
Twitter Mortal04907880

Soul Mortal Biography

The real Name of Soul Mortal is Naman Mathur and He is one of the most popular, professional BMGI player and content creators. Mostly he streams gameplay videos on his YouTube channel. He is the founder of the Soul Clan and also the Founder of this clan. He was born on 22 May 1996 in Maharashtra.

Soul Mortal BGMI ID and Name

BGMI ID of Soul Mortal is 590211476 and his IGN is SoulMortal.

Soul Mortal Wiki

His youtube channel is one of the top 10 Gaming and streaming Youtube channels. He streams gameplay videos every day at night. To play Pubg Mobile he mostly uses an iPad. Sometimes he plays pubg mobile on Asus Rog, Oneplus or Mobile.

Soul Mortal Gaming setup

He has played so many Tournaments and League including PMCO and won so many of them. His pubg teammates are SoulViper, Regaltos, and TeamXSpark. He is the most famous pubg player across India and I think every BGMI Player knows him as SoulMortal.

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Soul Mortal YouTube Channel

As I already shared that he is one of the most popular and top gaming YouTube channels across India and the World. He has +6.3 million subscribers YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel is on 236th rank in India for most subscribed YouTube channel. Before the launch of Pubg Mobile, He uploads videos of Mini Militia on his YouTube channel.

After the launch of Pubg Mobile, he started making a video of Pubg Mobile gameplay and tips and tricks. Due to the popularity of Pubg Mobile and its craze among the peoples. The Youtube channel of Mortal grew so fast. 

One video was uploaded in October 2018, with the title "Every Pubg Player will watch this ending".

Soul Mortal Earning/Income

The major source of income is from YouTube by AdSense, Super chat through Live Streams, and others. Most of the earnings of soul Mortals is came from the YouTube channel. Here is some statistic of income from YouTube channel.

Today, the monthly income of Soul Mortal is around $4.7k - $75.6k and the annual income is around $56.7k - $907.6k.

The views in the last 30 days in approximately 18.809M views on his YouTube channel and he has gained +60k subscribers in the last 30 days. (all statistics are based on the calculation of

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Apart from this, the other sources are Super chat and Donations. So these are the main income source of soul mortal.

Pubg Mobile Tournaments and Leagues 

Team soul participated in the India Series 2019 tournament, where team soul won the first prize. Team Soul has achieved a total of 2520 points and, in This series and for 46 Team Kill. They got prize money of 30 Lakh for the winning tournament and a brand new Oppo F11 Pro smartphone.

In this tournament, His teammates are SoulViper(Yash Soni), 17-year-old Owais (Mohamad Owais Lakhani), 20-year-old, pro assaulter Ronak(Harprit Janjuha), and SoulMortal (Naman Mathur). They are helped SoulMortal to win this tournament.

Soul Mortal (Naman Mathur) Social Links

He is a popular Youtuber and Content creator. Apart from this, He has a big fan following on Instagram. On his Instagram, He has more than 3.2 Million followers. His Instagram account username is @ig_mortal and has 450 posts on Instagram. His Instagram account was managed by @8bit_thug.

On Twitter account Mortal04907880, he has more than +211.9k followers and this account is also managed by 8bit_thug.

Personal Lifer of Naman Mathur

Naman Mathur aka SoulViper is a leader of clan Team Shoulder. He was a 25-year-old pro Pubg player and content creator. He was born on May 22, 1996, in Maharashtra state in India. His favorite actress is Priyanka Chopra and Favorite actor is Akshay Kumar. He is an Indian. 

According to rumors about Soul Mortal, The girlfriend of Soul Mortal is Raven and she is also a gamer. But he had not confirmed it yet. The favorite gun of Mortal in Pubg is DP-28. He has a typical Indian body-color with Black eyes and Black Hair. His favorite color is Blue.

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Facts about Soul Mortal

  • He gets popular on YouTube within 3-4 months.
  • He is an Indian and Lives in Maharashtra, India.
  • Soul mortal is notable for his gaming and streaming videos.
  • He is a motivation for many gamers.
  • His favorite subject is economics and he had completed graduation in Commerce( B.Com.).
  • He does not smoke neither take alcohol.

Popular YouTube Videos of Mortal

Final Word

In this article, I've shared information about Soul Mortal a.k.a Naman Mathur including Soul Mortals BGMI ID, Wiki, Short Biography, Age, Income, Facts, and More.

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