Ajju Bhai Free Fire ID, Biography, Age, Face Reveal, Income, Age, and More

Ajju Bhai Free Fire Id, Total Gaming Biography, Total Gaming Income, Ajju Bhai Face Reveal, Ajju Bhai Income, Ajjubhai age, ajju bhai 94 face reveal

Free Fire, One of the Best and most Popular Multiplayer Royale Games in India. Today I am going to share the deep Details of Ajju Bhai popularly Known as Total Gaming.

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Here You will Get Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming's Biography, Wiki, Free Fire ID, Face Reveal, Age, Income, YouTube Channel, and More

Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming Wiki

Ajju Bhai Free Fire Wiki
Real Name Ajay
Nick Name Ajju Bhai
Birth Date N/A
Age 23 Years (In 2021)
Free Fire ID Number 451012596
Free Fire Name Ajjubhai94
Clan Arrow (Team 1)
Height 5 Ft. 10 in.
Religion Hindu
Home Town Ahmedabad, Gujrat
Education Diploma DropOut.
Social Media Information
YouTube Total Gaming
Instagram @totalgaming_official
Discord #TotalGaming
Twitter @Total Gaming
Facebook Total Gaming
Email totalgaming094official@gmail.com

AjjuBhai Free Fire ID Number and Name

Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming's Free Fire UID is 451012596 and His FF Name is Ajjubhai94.

Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming) Biography

Ajju Bhai's aka Total Gaming's real name is Ajay. Ajju Bhai belongs to a simple middle-class family who lives in Ahemdabad City in Gujrat. Ajju Bhai is 23 Year Old. Ajju Bhai work as a Growth Hacker in a Software company.

Ajju Bhai, owner of the Total Gaming YouTube channel is an Indian FF Gamer, Streamer, Growth Hacker in a Software company. AjjuBhai has not revealed her face Yet publicly.

Ajju Bhai YouTube channel Details

Ajju Bhai created his YouTube channel on 9 October 2018 but He started His YouTube journey on 2 December 2018. In very short period of Time, He successfully gained more than of 24.7M+ subscribers.

Ajju Bhai has uploaded almost 1350 videos on His YouTube Videos. His YouTube channel Total Gaming is the Top 153rd most subscribed channel in the world.

Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming) Income

Ajju Bhai, He gets an average of 700k - 2M+ views on every video he uploads. He has a total of 3.8 Billion overall video views.

Ajju Bhai estimated daily income from YouTube is between $3k-$30k. Total Gaming's monthly income is between $57K - $915K. His net worth is $687K - $11M.

Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) Face Reveal

Ajju Bhai Face Reveal is one of the most searched questions about Ajju Bhai or Total Gaming. So, Here is what you need to know about Ajju Bhai Face Reveal.

Ajju Bhai is very Famous and Popular and has a huge fan following on YouTube and Other Social Media. 

But finally, Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming's face is revealed by the Mythpat. Here is the face of Ajju Bhai.

Ajju Bhai face revealed

See This Full video of Ajju Bhai's face reveal.

Most Searched Questions about Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming)

Who is Ajju Bhai 94 or the owner of Total Gaming?

Ajju Bhai aka Ajay is a Gamer, Streamer, YouTuber, Content Creator, and Owner of Total Gaming.

What is the real name of Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming)?

The real name of Ajju Bhai is Ajay.

What is the Free Fire ID number of Ajju Bhai?

Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming's Free FireF ID number is 451012596 and His FF Game name is Ajjubhai94.

What is the Age of Ajju Bhai?

Ajju Bhai's age is 23 Years as of 2021.

What is the Hometown of Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming?

Ahmedabad is the Home Town of Ajju Bhai 94.

When Ajju Bhai will reveal his real face publicly?

Ajju Bhai said that He will Reveal his Face between 2023-and 24.

Lesser Known Facts about AjjuBhai (Total Gaming)

  • Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming is a SoftWare engineer by profession and works as Growth Hacker in a Software company But He is more popular as a gamer.
  • Ajju Bhai not only plays Free Fire, But also He plays GTA 5, Call Of Duty, and BGMI also.
  • In 2019, Ajju Bhai was didn't go to Indonesia and Germany tournament because of his Job.

Popular YouTube Videos of Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming)



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