10 New Features in PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 - New Train Hyper Lines, New Bike etc.

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Few days ago PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 is launched, There are many new features we are going to receive in PUBG Mobile's next update i.e. PUBG Mobile 1.5.0.

In this article, I will tell you the Top 10 New Features in PUBG Mobile 1.5.0. If you want to download PUBG Mobile Beta v1.5.0 - Click Here to Download. If you love this game then You are going to get some Interesting and New Features. Stick to end for the whole update.

Top 10 new Features in PUBG Mobile 1.5.0

Below are the Top 10 new Feature, We will receive in PUBG Mobile v1.5.0.

1. Automatic Jump

This is one of the great and new features of PUBG Mobile 1.5.0. If you started the classic match and sometime you have to do something immediately then this feature will help you when are away.

In this feature, You will automatically Jump from the plane where do you mark on the map. But the speed of the jump is slower then the manual jumping. You can also cancel the Auto Jump so You will not jump automatically.

2. New Train/ Vehicle - HYPERLINES

It is a new vehicle or  a Train Line receive in PUBG Mobile v1.5.0. Inside the train no one can harm you while riding. This will help to reach out the zone if you are far away from the zone and You have no vehicle options.

This train and vehicle also called as Hyperlines. This would a great fun and Interesting future in Pubg Mobile.

3. Bullet Information

It is new and vey helpful feature in PUBG Mobile v1.5.0. It will warn you when your ammo is very low and This will turn the ammo color into red when it is almost empty.

Let's assume, When you is fully loaded then It will display Green, similarly when full empty the it will display Red, and Orange when it is not fully loaded or empty like the health bar in PUBG Mobile.

4. Air Conveyor Launcher

This Feature should be Interesting and Fun feature, It is also very helpful. Suppose You are out of the zone then You can launch yourself through this feature inside the Zone and Quickly send yourself anywhere on the map.

This Air conveyor Launcher will be find randomly anywhere in the Map. To launch yourself from the Air Conveyor Launcher just set yourself on the launcher , Set the direction, and click launch button to reach out on any other location quickly.

5. Anti Gravity Motorcycle

The best thing about this Bike is You can enjoy the ride of this Bike on the ground as well as on the Water surface. This would be a new vehicle or mod of transformation in PUBG Mobile v1.5.0. To enjoy all the feature download the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 Apk or iOS version.

It is very helpful when you are on Bridge camp and Enemy rushed on You from both side then By using this bike, You can quickly escape from there from water and safe yourself from getting Knocked or Killed.

6. Throw Anything like Grenade new Feature

This is one of the  Best Features of All. It will very helpful when You are in any Intense fight and your health is low and You have no Health equipment such as Bandage's, Medkits, First Aid etc., Then Your teammates can throw health to You by using this new feature.

This feature is available in PUBG Mobile Season 20 or 1.5.0 Update.

7. Robotic Dogs

It is a new and cool feature based on new technology, sci-fi. In this feature, You will get a Robotic Dog, This dog will help you to find Loot in a certain radius. This will came very handy when There are enemies all around you.

Robotic Dog

8. Window Glass

This is a very uncommon update in PUBG, I just lauched when this new feature when I heard about It. In this update Some Building or Apartment will get Glass Window and You will get any damage until the Glass breaks.

This feature will sometimes helpful when suddenly You get fire from enemies when you are on window that time will get some time to escape from there.

9. Shield

It is a useful in last zone when you have no cover to protect yourself from enemies. To use this feature, Firstly You have to collect it. It last stands for 2minute so you can escape from enemies eye's using some smoke's and This Shield.

10. Tactical Binoculars

If your enemies are  running Ahead, Then this Tactical Binoculars will automatically show their distance so you can easily hit and Know the enemies. If you have watched the matches of PUBG league then this is shown to the audience which player is where basically in Advance Room Cards.

Final Words

I hope, You got all the information about the new feature of PUBG Mobile 1.5.0. This update will be launched very soon for the PUBG Mobile Global Users.

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