Top 5 tricks to knock enemies camping in a building.

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In this video, I m going to show you, how to knock your enemies camping in a building. Let me tell you in advance that all these tricks will work in some buildings only.

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#Trick 1: How to knock enemies camping in this building.

This trick will work in severny. Here you have to do the following.

severny building trick
You have to jump near this broken wall.

severny building trick

After that, jump from the wall and climb over the shack.

severny building trick

From here you can easily spot and kill enemies. Here this trick helps you when a full squad camping in this house and you are left alone or playing solo vs squad.

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#Trick 2: This trick will work in all the buildings of this type.

razhok building trick

This building in razhok. If a squad is camping on the roof of the top floor, then you go to the gallery of the first floor and climb that rod. 

building in razhok

Jumping from the rod you can go to the top floor

#Trick 3: Pochinki Squad House trick.

This trick will be known to many people, if not, then tell this trick will work in Pochinaki.

pochinki squad house trick

This trick will only work in the squad house of Pochinki. In this, you have to smoke on the lower floor so that no one can detect your location. 

pochinki squad house trick

Then you have to climb on the bus which is kept outside the squad house.By jumping from the top of the bus, you can go to the first floor and from there you can kill the enemies camping.

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pochinki squad house trick

#Trick 4: Climb the Bridge in Military and Novo Bridge camping.

This trick is a very famous trick. In this trick, we will tell you how you can climb to the top of the bridge. All you have to do is go to a location on the bridge from where you climb to the middle of the bridge.

how to climb bridge perfectly

After that, you will see such a location in the middle between that and jump on it. you have to climb it and come to this location.

how to climb bridge perfectly

Walk straight to the location and come here.

how to climb bridge perfectly

You have to wait a while from this location. At this place, your camera will be rotating automatically. It will stop after a while. After this, you have to jump in this direction and climb over the bridge.

how to climb bridge perfectly

Extra Tip: You can watch this video on where you perfectly see how to do this thing and improve your gaming skills.

Thank You, guys.

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