Technical Ripon Biography, Age, Family, Earnings, and More

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Technical Ripon is an Youtuber, Entrepreneur, and content creator. In this article, I will share all the information you need to know about Technical Ripon including Technical Ripon Biography, Age, Real Name, Family, Earning, website, YouTube channels, and more.

Who is Technical Ripon ?

Technical Ripon is an Indian YouTuber, Entrepreneur, and Content creator. The real name of Technical Ripon is Ripon Sahaji. Technical Ripon is also a Digital Marketer. Technical Ripon started his first YouTube channel on December 09, 2017. When He started his YouTube channel, He mainly upload video on SEO, Blogging, and AdSense Problem solution etc.

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Technical Ripon currently has 3 YouTube channels.

1. Technical Ripon

2. Blogging Mafia

3. Ripon

Short Bio of Technical Ripon

Real Name Ripon Sahaji
Birthday 26 January 1995
Age 25 Years
Place of Birth Bengal
Religion Muslim
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
5 ft. 5 inch.
2 DSLR Camera, 2 Macbooks, 1 Window Laptop, Smartphone, 1 iPad
Technical Ripon Social Media
YouTube Channels Technical Ripon
Bloggin Mafia
Instagram @techripon
Twitter techripon
Facebook riponsahaji4
LinkdIn ripon-sahaji
Technical Ripon Earnings
Monthly Earning 6-7 Lakh Monthly
Net Worth 10 Crores

Technical Ripon Biography

The real name of Technical Ripon is Ripon Sahaji. he is 25 years old. He belongs to a Muslim religion and his birthplace is Bengal, India. He is popular as Technical Ripon because of his YouTube channel Technical Ripon.

He mostly uploads Seo and blogging related videos on YouTube. He started his Blogging career in 2015-16 and become one of the successful Blogger in India.

Technical Ripon Earnings

According to many sites, The monthly income of Technical Ripon is Approx. 6-8 lakhs. His net worth is around 10 Crores. The main source of income is Websites, YouTube, and Promotional Videos.

FAQ about Technical Ripon

What is the real name of Technical Ripon ?

The real name of Technical Ripon is Ripon Sahaji.

Who is Technical Ripon ?

Technical Ripon is an Indian YouTuber, Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Digital marketing expert

is Technical Ripon an Indian ?

Yes, He is Indian YouTuber and Blogger.

YouTube channels of Technical Ripon ?

He has three YouTube channels namely Technical Ripon, Blogging Mafiya, and Ripon (Link is Above)

What is the net worth of Tech Ripon ?

The monthly earning of Tech Ripon is between 6 to 8 Lakhs. His net worth is 10 Crore.

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