M10 Royal Pass Release Date, Leaks, and Rewards: BGMI 2.0 Royal Pass C2S5

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BGMI M10 Royal Pass Release Date, Leaks, Rewards, and RP 1 to 50 Rewards. Today,  I will talk about Pubg and BGMI M10 Royal Pass Leaks, Release Dates, Rewardsand More. As you know Bgmi and Pubg mobile update the royal pass each month. Now, Bgmi M10 royal pass will be release next week on 20th April.

BGMI M10 Royal Pass Season C2S5

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M10 Royal Pass Release Date

BGMI Royal passM10 Royal pass (Month 10)
M10 Royal pass release date20th April
BGMI M9 End Date20th April at 5:30 AM
BGMI M10 Ryal Pass Price360 UC

M10 Royal Pass release date is 20th April at 7:30 am in BGMI and Pubg. M10 royal pass will start at 7:30 AM after 2 hours of the ending of BGMI M9 royal pass on 20th April at 5:30 AM.

So, be ready at 7:30 am for enjoying the BGMI M10 Royal pass rewards. Pubg M10 is also going to release soon.

Here You get Information about BGMI Royal Pass M10 Release Date, Leaks, and Rewards from 1 RP to 50 RP.

BGMI M10 Royal pass details

In the coming days, BGMI will reach the next royale pass which is Royal Pass Month 10. The BGMI M10 Royale pass is currently not available to players. However, there are numerous leaks in the system for players. You’ll learn about all of the upcoming rewards and stuff in-game here.

It will be released after the Bgmi 2.0 update apk. Download the bgmi and Pubg 2.0 apk download from here. 

So, let’s learn more about the impending BGMI M10 Royale Pass Rewards, Leaks. Every month, Krafton surprises us with something new with the royale pass. Players will be able to experience a variety of prizes as part of the new Royale pass.

The BGMI M10 Royale pass, according to the leaks, will also include new goodies for the players. Headgear would be offered for 5RP as normal. There has been a lot of discussion about a new plane skin.

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BGMI M10 Royal Pass Leaks

Here are the BGMI M10 Rewards, and Leaks that will appear in the next BGMI royal pass month 10 which will be released in April.

  1. BGMI M10 1 RP: Stomp Ground Rare Outfit
  2. M10 10 RP: Pixel Bolt Backpack
  3. M10 BGMI 15 RP: Stomp Ground Emote
  4. M10 20 RP: Parachute & Grenade Skin
  5. BGMI M10 25 RP: Casual Stroll Set
  6. M10 30 RP: Mythic Emote and Plane Skin
  7. Bgmi M10 35 RP: Blue Tint M16A4 Skin
  8. M10 BGMI 40 RP: Graffiti Wall- AKM Skin
  9. Bgmi M10 BGMI 35 RP: Pink Shelter Scorpion Gun Skin 
  10. Bgmi M10 50 RP: Infernal Chef Cover Mythic Outfit

BGMI M10Royal Pass Leaks

BGMI M10 will bring new Features, Rewards, companions, and Modes. The next update of BGMI M10 is going to get new 50 RP Mythic Outfits and Emote.

    1. BGMI M10 1 RP Rewards: New Rare Outfit

    2. BGMI M10 2 RP Reward: New Backpack Slin

    3. BGMI M10 35 RP: Pink Shelter Scorpion (Pistol) Gun Skin

    4. BGMI M10 50RP: Infernal Chef Cover Mythic Outfit

    BGMI Royal Pass M10 Release Date

    New Bgmi M10 Royal Pass is going to be a lot much better than M10 Royal Pass. Players are going to be impressed by the BGMI. M10 Royale Pass as the mythic outfit is much better than the previous one in the M9 Royale Pass.

    The release date of the Bgmi M10 Royal Pass is the 20th of April on the same day M9 Royal Pass will be ending.

    BGMI M10 Royal Pass is going to be released on 20th April 2022, at 7:30 Am.

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    BGMI M10 1RP to 50 RP Leaks and Rewards Video

    Price of BGMI M10 Royal Pass Price

    As you know, Like easy season in BGMI, To purchase Royal Elite Pass 360 UC is required whereas To purchase Royal Pass Elite plus you need 960 UC. The next season-themed is based on food products, according to Pubg news and leaks.

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    Today, In this article, I Have explained the BGMI M10 Royal Pass Release Date, Rewards, Leaks with rewards images. Finally, the Royal Pass leaks are out for the BGMI Season C2S5 M10 with the release date.


    So, We have shared all the information about the BGMI M10 Royal Pass release date, Leaks, BGMI, and Squid game collaboration.

    So, This is all about the BGMI M10 1 to 50 RP Leaks. Including BGMI M10 Royal Pass Leaks, Release Dates, Rewards, and All. We'll update this information when we receive any updates about the BGMI M10.

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