Hyderabad Hydras BGMI Lineup, Player Name, Owner, and More

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Hyderabad Hydras is an Indian Esports Organization From South India. In this article, I am going to share Hyderabad Hydras BGMI Lineup, Player Details, Owner, and More..

What is Hyderabad Hydras eSport?

Hyderabad Hydras is an Esport and BGMI Lineup. Hyderabad Hydra is the first city based eSports franchise in the Country. It is a esport franchise from South India. It is one of the first and Biggest lineup in the India.

eSport Lineup Hyderabad Hydras
Location Hyderabad
Owner Ashvij Ravula and Mohammad Nasiruddin
Official Website https://hyderabadhydras.in/
YouTube Channel Hyderabad Hydras
Instagram Account @hyderabadhydra

Hyderabad Hydras eSport Players

  • AceBlack
  • Carry
  • Striker FTV
  • Manty Op
  • Evil Suriya

Aceblack - IGL

The real name of Aceblack is Jasper and He plays role of In game Leader for Hyderabad Hydra Team.

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Carry - Filter and Assaulter

Carry's real name of Bharathwaji and Carry plays role as a Filter and an Assaulter for Hyderabad Hydra Team.

Manty Op - Entry Fragger

Manty is a Entry Fragger and best player of Hyderabad Hydras in close range combat.

Striker FTV - Support Assaulter

The real name of Stricker FTV is Prashant and Prashant is a support Assaulter in Hyderabad Hydra Lineup.

Evil Suriya - Assaulter

Evil Suriya is also an assaulter and play role of support assaulter and 5th player in Hyderabad Hydra eSport lineup.


So, Hyderabad Hydras is one of the biggest emerging eSport lineup and BGMI Lineup. In ths post I've share the all details about the Hyderabad Hydra eSport lineup.

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