Free Fire Elite Pass Season 45 Leaks, Release date, Rewards, and All

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Garena Free Fire is getting more popular all around the world. Free Fire is one of the most popular multiplayer Royale game. Free Fire brings new season every month.

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The next update Free Fire season 45 Elite Pass is set to be release. In this post, I will share Free Fire Elite Pass Season 45 Leaks, Rewards, Release Date, and More.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 45 Release Date

The current Elite pass Season44 will expire at the end of the January month. The next Elite pass will commence on 1st February, 2022 at 4:00 IST.

From 29 January, 2022, All players can pre-order for the FF Elite Pass. By pre-ordering the Elite Pass, they would receive all of the Elite Bundle benefits as well as additional rewards.

Garena FF Elite Pass Season 45 Leaks and Rewards

Here is the list of Items and Outfits You gonna receive in the Free Fire Season 45 Elite pass.

  1. Pickup Truck- Whirl of Swan Skin
  2. New Avatar- Soaring Swan
  3. New Avatar- Paper Wings
  4. Cube Fragment x10
  5. Wrapped Feathers Backpack
  6. Whirl of Swan Parachute Skin
  7. Emote- Smooth Sway
  8. Silver Rothbart Male Bundle
  9. Ice Feathers Female Hoodie
  10. New Banner- Paper Wings
  11. Frozen Blue Male T-shirt
  12. Platinum Odette Female Bundle
  13. SKS- Whirlwind Crease Skin
  14. Folded Fright T-shirt
  15. Swan Embrace
  16. Skyboard Skin
  17. New Banner- Folded Flap
  18. FAMAS- Whirlwind Crease Skin

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 45 Rewards Image

Pickup Truck - Whirl of Swan Skin

New Avatar- Paper Wings

Wrapped Feathers Backpack

New Banner- Paper Wings

SKS- Whirlwind Crease Skin

Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass Price

Garena Free Fire Season 45 update is monthly. Each month brings new Season. The next February FF Season 45 Elite pass has also been leaks.

The price of FF Elite Pass is 499 Diamonds and the Elite Bundle costs 999 Diamonds.

Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass YouTube Video

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