BGMI new Royale Pass Date | BGMI M8 Royal Pass release date and Leaks

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BGMI New Royal Pass Release Date M8

The BGMI New M8 Royal Pass is going to release on 19th February 2022, 05:29 am (IST). After 2 Hour Of RP Lock, The New BGMI M8 Royal Pass Will Be Available On 19th January, 2022 at 07:29 AM (IST).

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The new royal pass of BGMI M8 rank push can be started after the 19 February 7:30 Am IST.

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New RP Release Date BGMI M8

As, I already mentions that The new rp release date of Bgmi m8 will be on 19th February or 20 February and also the BGMI 1.8.5 will also be released.

Below are some leaks of the BGMI M8 New Royal Pass. No smoke config file

Bgmi New Royal Pass M8 Season leaks

  1. BGMI M8 RP 1 Reward: Play Date QBU Gun Skin
  2. RP 5: Cactus Constable Head Gear
  3. M8 RP 10: Magic Box Backpack Skin
  4. RP 15: RP Avatar Frame
  5. RP 20 Grenade Skin: Moo Moo Grenade Skin.
  6. New Outfit RP 25:  Slobby Shirt (Free)
  7. RP 30: Scarlet Ranger Emote
  8. RP 35: Eagle’s Will UMP45 Gun Skin (Free).
  9. M8 RP 40: Peak Performance Scar-L Gunskin.
  10. BGMI M8 50 RP Reward: Scarlet Ranger Outfit (Scarlet Ranger Cover.)

BGMI New Royal Pass Rewards, Leaks, and All M8

Get all information about the bgmi new royal pass leaks and rewards, and release date here in this video. 

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So, As i already provided all the information about the BGMI New royal pass release date and Leaks. For more details about the BGMI M8 Royal pass release and leaks Go Here.
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