PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC Coins 2022 Hack – How to get Free BC coins in PUBG Lite 0.22.0?

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You will be able to know how you can get Free BC Coins in the Pubg lite and you can also do some items & winner passes and top up with them. If you want to take free bc in Pubg mobile lite and how can you take it, then you can read the article.

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PUBG Lite Free BC Coins Hack 2022

If you want to take Free Bc in Pubg Lite, which is also absolutely free BC, yes you will be able to take free Bc, if you read this article from start to end, then you are probably able to get free BC using BC Coin Generator hack in Pubg lite. 

Many players want PUBG Lite BC Coins, if they have a Pubg Mobile Lite Bc Coin, then they can open the crate in Pubg Mobile Lite and purchase the skin of a good outfit and gun, but because they do not have a Bc, they do not even buy the winner pass in Pubg mobile lite. If you find, there is no need to be depressed, this post will surely help you in getting free bc pubg mobile lite.

What are PUBG Lite BC Coins?

Pubg Lite BC Coins (Battle Coins) is a game coin used to purchase the item, winner pass, and many other things in Pubg mobile lite 0.22.0.

In this article, I will tell how you can get free BC Coin in Pubg mobile lite so you can purchase Free items without wasting money.

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How to get Free BC Coins in Pubg Mobile Lite?

To get free BC Coins in Pubg lite, You can follow these steps to get free BC. Later I will tell you about Pubg lite BC hacks and BC generator tools.
  • First of all, Go to the mission option and Complete the daily mission to get Free BC.
  • After that, you have to scroll down to see the mission below and then go to the Watch Video option.
  • After watching the full video, You will receive free BC Coins from Pubg lite.

Pubg Lite BC Hack and BC Generator Apk

You must have seen many more by now who claim that you will generate pubg mobile lite free bc, but they are all fake. In the process of earning money from reward ads, all those videos make you crazy, so you spend your time on such apps.

And also many sites commit to Generating free BC Coins for Pubg lite but all these websites are fake and You won't be able to get free BC from these sites.

If you want real UC then you must purchase. If you want a discount and cashback on Pubg lite BC purchase, then use COD and Midasbuy like legit sites.

PUBG Lite Free BC Coins

IF you really want Free BC coins. They go for the legitimate steps. Don't believe in fake sites which are providing free BC coins. All these Free Pubg Lite BC Hack Apk are fake and they will not give you free UC.

You can get free UC By playing a tournament, Competing in matches, a Tournament playing app, etc.

How to get purchase BC Coin?

  1. First of all, you have to go to You can also visit this site by searching in a web browser. 
  2. After visiting the site, you have to create your account by clicking on Create Account and log in. 
  3. you have to select your country by clicking on country. After choosing the country, a new page will open to select Mobile PUBG Lite and click on GO.
  4. If you want, you can select any other game and buy their currency like BC & UC, but here we are telling you to buy BC, then you have to click on PUBG Mobile lite. 
  5. A new page will open, there you have to enter the character ID of your PUBG mobile lite and click on the number of BC you want to buy, select payment method. 
  6. payment options like Bank, Razer Gold Pin, Razer Gold, UPI, and more are given here. You can buy BC by paying through any method as per your convenience. After making the payment, BC will be added to your PUBG Mobile lite.

After that, you can buy anything from those BC Coins.


So, there are some legit and some illegal ways to get free BC Coins. Don't believe on fake site and apps which are giving free BC. And also Pubg lite BC hack is not real it is fake.

So, thanks for reading this article. In this article, I have shared about How to get Free Pubg lite BC Coins, Pubg lite bc hack and all. 

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