LoLdle Quote of the Day: "I am Beyond Death" LoL Quest

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LoLdle is a wordle game based on Riot Games used by Lol, its champions and Quotes, It is more like League of legends daily quote challenge, where players have the think of the answer for the given quote.

In Today's challenge, the quote of the day is: "I am beyond Death". All the League of Legends players get a total of 8 chances to find out all the quote of the day LoLdle quest answers, and the puzzle quest for 7th November, 2022 is also now available.

I am beyond Death - LoLdle Solution

As you know, League of legends players plays these game to get some exciting rewards. Today's quote is now available for players so that they can solve and claim the rewards for this quote - "I am beyond death".

Moving to the solution. The quote makes us think of a champion who is immortal or very powerful so that he will never die.

The answer of this quote is "Hecarim".

To get the rewards players have to login to their League of Legends, and Go to the Daily quest menu and have to enter the name of today's quote champion that is "Hecarim" and Claim the rewards.

So friend, Here we give the solution for the daily LoLdle Quest for the League Of Legends. Bookmark us for the more upcoming loldle quest answers and news regarding the LoL. 

Previous LoLdle Quotes (Quest) Answer

Date Quote (Loldle Quest) Answer
1st November 2022 You Must Be Coded as Minion Camille
4th November 2022 The smell of powder sets my blood to boil Gangplank
6th November 2022 What's wrong liking the pink. Zoe

Final Words

So friends, I think you got the solution for the Today's Loldle quote of the day solution for the smell of powder sets my blood to boil.

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