Ace Bubble Shooter Matches With These Effective tricks

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Different types of online games are readily available online, including FPS games, sports games, racing games, etc. However, the category of arcade games is highly popular among enthusiasts, mainly because they are fun to play and easily accessible.

One such online arcade game that is wildly popular among the masses is the bubble shooter game. The main objective of players in bubble shooter games is to pop bubbles of the same color hanging from the ceiling or top using the same-colored bubble shot through a cannon.

Like all other arcade games, bubble shooter games require both luck and skills. Individuals need to have certain tricks up their sleeves to score the maximum points in matches. Here are some of the most effective tricks following which players can ace bubble shooter matches:

Get Rid of Hanging Clusters

The main objective of players in bubble shooting games is to get rid of all the bubbles by shooting them by using the minimum number of shooting bubbles. The individual who uses the minimum number of bubbles to clear the map is declared the winner.

In all bubble shooter matches, specific bubbles support clusters of differently-colored bubbles. There are two ways following which players can nullify the clusters - they can either do it generically, i.e., by shooting three or more bubbles consistently, or shoot the bubble which is holding the cluster in place.

Opting for the second method not only helps players get the job done swiftly but also helps them minimize the number of shots taken. Hence, every individual who wishes to ace bubble shooter games should keep this trick in mind.

Use Walls to Enhance the Shooting Range

The walls in bubble shooter games are one of the most important elements most players ignore. They generally clear the bubbles nearest to them by directly shooting them. In most cases, players who follow this tactic run out of shots and end up losing the game. On the other hand, those who use walls to increase their shot’s range in attempts to clear the bubbles present at the ceiling win most matches.

When players shoot bubbles at walls, they bounce against them and change their course. Hence, players can use the trajectory-changing aspect of walls to their advantage to aim at bubbles located at positions that are seemingly out of their reach. When using walls, players should perfect their aim and release the shooter to execute shots accurately.

Change the Colour of Shots Whenever Required

Bubble shooter games feature cannons using which players take shots and get rid of the hanging bubbles. The cannon allows players to switch between differently-colored shooting bubbles. Players have the option to switch between their current and the next shooting bubble.

Most players forget this simple yet game-changing trick when playing matches, which puts them at a major disadvantage. Hence, all players are advised to switch the color of the shooting bubble whenever needed.

For instance, if a player has a red-colored bubble in their cannon followed by a blue-colored one, they can switch to the latter if most of the bubbles in front of them are blue. This is a highly effective trick that significantly benefits players in every bubble shooter match; thus, players are advised to keep it in mind at all times.

Do Not Stack Different Coloured Bubbles in a Straight Line

Switching between shooter bubbles is a good trick, but there are instances when it does not help players every time. For instance, if a player has red and blue colored shooter bubbles lined up in their cannon, but the majority of the bubbles hanging in front are yellow, the trick cannot be used.

When this happens, a player can only use the shooter bubbles available until the right color comes. An effective way to do this is by evenly spreading the shooter bubbles along the playing area’s width.

However, they should not stack bubbles continuously in a straight line since doing so will eventually make the bubbles touch the bottom, which will end the game. While waiting for the right-colored bubbles, most players make this mistake, which costs them dearly. Hence, players should strictly avoid stacking bubbles and making bubble stalactites.

Implement Strategies Quickly By Making the Right Moves

All bubble shooter games have a time limit, i.e., either the ceiling holding the bubbles keeps coming downwards, or there is a timer that displays the time left for the game to be over. Hence, even though creating strategies is important since bubble shooter is a skill-based game, players should not get so carried away while devising plans that they forget to time their shots correctly.

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Hence, all bubble shooter players are advised to play matches with a clear head so they can easily develop effective tactics quickly. Moreover, they should be patient when taking their shots, so they do not get executed poorly, and the shooter bubble lands on a differently-colored target. Any player who plays with a calm mindset paired with quick thinking and execution skills can conveniently ace the majority of their bubble shooter matches.

Final Thoughts

Bubble shooter is a highly popular arcade video game that is loved by millions of gaming enthusiasts all around the globe for its simple yet fun features. Since it is a game of skill, players need to follow certain tactics to ensure victory in matches. Any bubble shooter enthusiast who wishes to ace all bubble shooter matches should follow the tips mentioned above.

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