Pubg Mobile 1.2.0 new update, Features, Patch notes ,and new Modes

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Pubg mobile 1.2.0 beta update

Now, the Pubg mobile emerged as a Popular and Successful multiplayer royale game. Pubg has a large player community and the highest revenue in mobile games. Now Pubg mobile has officially released the patch notes for the next pubg mobile update that is 1.2. Last update 1.1 is in its last stage. 

In the next update of Pubg mobile 1.2, we are going to receive the new features, including new modes, game improvements, and more. According to players, the new update 1.2.0 will be based on the Runic Power gameplay.

Update Date of Pubg mobile 1.2.0

the next update of pubg mobile is rolling out on January 12, 2021. This update will be based on Runic Power gameplay. In this gameplay, we will get some special abilities and power, which we are going to see.

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New Modes and Features

Runic Power gameplay (January 12th to March 7th)
In this mode, the player can choose the ability type on spawn island (when the game has to start) and according to type, they will get two skills based on energy type.

Pubg Mobile 1.2.0

Here are Ability Types with two skills Each:
1. Wind Rune
  • Wind Shelter - Player can summon a semi-transparent shield of wind, this shield reduces the damage of bullets from the outside of the shield. It doesn't reduce the damage from inside of the shield to players outside of the shield.
  • Wind Boost - It increases the speed of movement and reload speed.
2. Arctic Rune
  • Ice wall - Summons a wall of ice, every block of the wall can be destroyed separately. This will be helpful in the Last zone when there is a note cover. when ice-wall appear, it will lift players and vehicle above the wall.
  • Freezing Ammo - Freezes the Ammo for short time, Freezing reduces the effectiveness of healing.
3. Flame Rune
  • Magma Wheel - Summons a Flame Wheel that roles forward and deal with the burning effect to the enemy when touches.
  • Scorching Ammo - Adds a burning effect to the ammo.

These are three Abilities that the player can choose at the Spawn island. You can watch this video for Info.

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Power Armor Mode ( Launches in EvoGround on 5th February )
This Power mod will add more adventure in collecting rune fragments. These runes can be used to increase their odds of earning the chicken dinner in Pubg Mobile. Players have three abilities to choose one from Three. We already discussed that above.

Power armor mode gives players unique armor that will enhance the ability on the battlefield. To create your own Power Armor, you have to collect Nano Crystalls and Power Armor Blueprints.

Players will have 2 chances to Respawn themselves or their teammates. Players can be respawned at the Research Centre.

Matrix Event

This event will be available for players during the match. This event gives an advantage to the player that can be used to outplay the enemy player from the game.

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The matrix event will have 3 phases as follows :
  • Matrix event 1: Improved Regional Supply Output.
  • Matrix event 2: Multiple Matrix airdrops and increased supply in each airdrop significantly.
  • Matrix event 3: Life Detectors activated in the research center. It can be used to detect surrounding players.

Metro royale Honor

  • New Metro royale Honor System
  • New Solo Mode
  • Metro Royale Improvements
  • The Newest Chapter

New Firearms

  • This will be the new gun that is introduced in the 1.2 Update of Pubg Mobile.
  • This will be an assault rifle and uses 5.56mm ammo.
  • It will be loaded with 25 rounds.
  • This will be the fastest firing gun amongst the riffles gun.
  • It can be equipped with Muzzle (Riffle), Scope, Mag (Riffle)
  • It will only appear in Livik Mode.
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