7Sea ESport BGMI Lineup, Owner, Players List, Achievement, and More

7sea esport bgmi lineup, 7sea esport

7Sea Esports is well know Indian Esports Organization Of Battle Ground Mobile India(BGMI). 7Sea Esports is the one of the most Aggressive Lineup, With Experienced Players.

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Today, I'll share 7Sea Esport BGMI Lineup, IGL, Players List, Achievement & More.

7Sea Esport BGMI Lineup Info

7Sea Esports is an Indian Esports Organization Of Battle Ground Mobile India. 7Sea Esports is the Most Aggressive Lineup, With Experienced Players.In the recent BGIS tournament, 7Sea Esports has performed exceptionally well.

Prince is IGL (In-game Leader) Of 7Sea Esports.

7Sea Esport Bgmi Lineup

ESport Name 7Sea Esport
Owner Name Santosh Pecheti
Website https://7seaesports.com
Youtube Channel 7Sea ESport
Instagram 7SeaesportOfficial
Facebook 7Sea Esport

Who is Owner of Skylightz Gaming

7Sea esport Owner is Santosh Pecheti.

Skylights Gaming Achievement

  1. 5th Position In Battle Ground Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021
  2. 5th Position in OneShot Showdown Season 2 Grand Final
  3. Runner up of Battle of Rivals Season 1
  4. 4th Position Loco Diwali Battel grand Final 2021
  5. Winner Of India Today Dangel 2021
  6. 2nd Position in Oneshot Showdown Season 1 2021
  7. Winner Of Villagers Esports Pro Invitational Grand Final 2021
  8. Winner of Villagers Esports Pro Invitational Group Stage
  9. Runner up Of Skyesport Championship 3.0 Final In 2021
  10. Winner of Rooter Pro Scrims 2021

Skylightz BGMI BGMI Players List

  1. Prince
  2. 7Sea Spraygod
  3. Sarang
  4. Aladin

7Sea Prince

7Sea Prince he is the In game leader(IGL) of 7Sea Esport. Prince real name is Brahmbhatt. Seven Sea Prince was earlier known as IT Prince. Prince is a very old and experienced Esports player of India who has played for his team at the global level as well.

Prince has left a solo chicken dinner at PMCO prelims 2019, Where the feet came in front of them was the world's top team like SQF and Top Esports.

Recently, Prince played for Seven Sea Esports in the BGI. The performance of 7Sea ESports in recent years has been very good. Prince plays the role of an IGL (in-game leader) for his team, he is a very aggressive IGL.

7Sea SprayGod

7Sea Spraygod aka Harsh Malik is a Professional Battle Ground Mobile India Esports player and Gaming Youtuber. 7Sea Spraygod plays with 4 fingers Clow set up and Gyro Alway on.

Spraygod plays the role of an assault and entry fragger for his team. Spraygod's mid-range spray is very good, he sometimes knocks the player off the vehicle.

Spraygod is an underrated player who is consistently performing well. In all the tournaments that have taken place since the launch of BGMI, the performance of Spraygod has been excellent. He comes in the list of top Entry Fraggers of almost every tournament.

7Sea Sarang

7Sea Sarang is a Professional Esports Player of BGMI and PUBG. Sarang's real Name is Sarangajyoti Deka and He Plays the role of Assaulter for 7Sea Esport. Sarang Is a Very Good Assaulter and Close Range player.

Sarang has also played for Team Indian Tiger before Joining 7Sea ESport. Sarang and Prince both had played together for a long Time.

7sea Aladin

7Sea Aladin is a supporter of 7Sea Esports. 7Sea Aladin's real name is Taha Khamkar. Before Joining 7Sea, He has played for esports team Godlike Esports. Aladin has also play in Pubg Mobile World league Season 0 For team Ind.

Aladin team Finish 9 Position in World League. Aladin is a Very Experience Player.

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7Sea Esport Player and Their Roles

Owner Name Santosh Pecheti
Igl 7sea Prince
Entry Fragger 7Sea SprayGod
Assaulter 7Sea Sarang
Supporter 7Sea Aladin


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