BGMI 1.9.0 Hack Mod Apk (ESP +Unlimited UC) Antiban

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BGMI  is a one of the most popular multiplayer battle Royale game in India, In this game, I will share the Bgmi 1.9 hack mod apk each player get spawned on an island and the Last standing player wins the game.

BGMI is a very popular Battle Royale Game in India. In this post, I'll share the BGMI 1.9.0 mod apk download links and features of Bgmi mod apk 1.9.

BGMI 1.9 White Body Hack Config File Download

In this article, I am going to share the BGMI 1.9.0 Mod Apk. This mod apk is Antiban apk so Your account doesn't get banned. You can also read the BGMI 1.9.0 Release date here.

BGMI 1.9 Hack Mod Apk

App Name BGMI 1.9 Mod Apk
Apk Version v1.9.0
Apk Size 685 MB
Apk Mods Unlimited UC, ESP, Wall Hack, Aimbot
Apk Genre Mod Apk
Category Battle Royale, Action, and Adventure
Developer Krafton Inc.
App Price Free

List of Features of BGMI Mod Apk 1.9.0

  1. ESP
  2. Wallhack
  3. Unlimited UC.
  4. Aimbot.
  5. No grass
  6. No Recoil
  7. Unlimited Ammo
  8. Unlock All Skins Metal Head
  9. No Root Required
  10. Anti-Ban
  11. 90 FPS
  12. Enemy Health
  13. Enemy Count
  14. No Smoke
  15. No Fog
  16. No Water
  17. Enemy Location (ESP)

BGMI Hack Mod Apk 1.9 Features

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Hack 1.9 APK helps you enable more features with various maps landscapes in a virtual atmosphere, You can use the full power of Unreal Engine 4 to bring the beautiful world to life, supplemented by 3D sound effects and visual effects to create a truly immersive mobile experience.

Choose your character and your style. This will make it suitable for you and prepare for a fun trip in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Hack Apk 1.9.

Features of BGMI Hack mod Apk 1.9.0

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk has long been one of the most popular mod mobile games among gamers, and now it is ready for Bgmi players in the real world, this time people from all over India can control and enjoy this game and can kill enemies with these hacks in BGMI Mod 1.9 APK.

BGMI 1.9 Unlimited Health Hack

Unlimited Health Hack is a very useful hack because these features will keep you alive in Bgmi and Pubg mobile. Unlimited Health hack will help you to increase your rank and Tier.

BGMI Wall Hack Function

BGMI hack version supports the wallhack function. You can enjoy it. But Don't use it multiple times in BGMI 1.9, else You will be get blocked by the BGMI team. Play some games, don’t try to break the game, just use the wallhack function to find the exact location of your enemies.

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BGMI Unlimited UC

Yes, you can also win unlimited BGMI UC (BGMI mod APK unlimited money) and use it to purchase any item content in Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk. Since BGMI Hack Mod Apk 1.9 has a variety of good Items and Things to Do, You can use these UC to buy various items.

Anti Ban

Anti-ban is also an essential facet of this App. For your knowledge, I always tell you exactly what Antiban is.

This is a procedure where BGMI programmers team can Catch Your hacks and can Lock accounts by following reporting numerous hacks without any issue in BGMI 1.9. 

BGMI Unlimited BP

BP (Battle Point) is another currency in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), You can use this coin to open different boxes. But sometimes you can get gifts that you didn’t expect in BGMI.

BGMI Aimbot

Aimbot is a video game feature that can automatically aim at the enemy and shoot down to kill the target enemy. Automatically detect enemies and shoot them. However, In order to be don't get seen or reported, Aimbot didn't shoot and kill the enemy through the wall and into the building.

Download also: BGMI 1.9 90 Fps Config File Download

Aimbot is only suitable for Guns, It cannot be used for grenades and other weapons. Players must use this feature carefully because If you get reported by many players then You account may be banned from BGMI.

BGMI Realistic Weapons

This feature of Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk 1.9 is currently on the first use of BGMI additionally. The very first thing, which is needed in an action game is realistic sound & high graphic weapons like real.

Also on BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA brigade guns that resemble from the true world. This means you get a weapon that is very realistic and feel like a real weapon.

Auto Aim

You don’t need to possess Endless Bullets to get chicken dinner inside this game. Because within this BGMI Hack Mod APK 1.9, you will acquire advanced features such as AutoAim along with AimBot.

No Recoil

No Recoil, readily characterized by its name. At any time you play with a BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA match.

No Recoil is a great feature because It will help you to take down your enemy fast and easily. No Recoil will also make your weapons more deadly.

How to Download BGMI Mod 1.9 Apk?

You can simply download the BGMI MOD APK + OBB File by following the below steps. We have written simple Step by step solutions that you can follow easily.

BGMI 1.9 Apk


How to Install BGMI hack Mod APK ?

  1. First of all uninstall the BGMI Playstore APK version, if already installed. (Important).
  2. Now, Download the APK and OBB files provided below.
  3. Make sure you have enabled unknown sources, If not, then Open Settings >More/additional setting > Security & Enable Unknown Sources.

  4. After the download is completed, install the APK file (do not open the Game and successfully installed, Simply Close the Game)
  5. Then Move the OBB file that you have downloaded to Android > Obb, Now create com.pubg.imobile in that folder. Paste the Obb files into your OBB folder. Now Open the Game and Signup or Sign in with your Twitter accounts.

How to Fix BGMI Mod Login Problem?

Here is the step-by-step guide to solve any Login problem in the BGMI Hack Mod apk 1.9.0. Just read it carefully.

  1. Login with your Facebook account Only. If you have a Google Play account or Twitter account then link it with your Facebook account.
  2. Uninstall Facebook apps from your Android Phone Login Only with your Mobile data. Don’t use WIFI For login.
  3. First, Open BGMI Mod APK after The BGMI logo appears turn off your Mobile data (internet).
  4. Now the Twitter Login Popup will appear, Turn On your Internet and try to login with your Twitter account only. If not linked with Twitter link your account with Twitter first.
  5. Now, you can successfully log in to your accounts
  6. Allow “Display Over Other Apps” Permission
  7. If still getting errors, comment below we'll try to solve your problem.

Getting errors while Installing BGMI Mod APK file.

If you are facing any issues with Installing/Opening BGMI Mod APK version or Error sign in to google accounts/ Facebook accounts, then watch the below videos to Solve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions about the BGMI Hack Mod 1.9.0 Apk.

How to Install BGMI MOD APK v1.9?

  1. Download the file Battleground Mobile India Mod APK and OBB file.
  2. Install the BGMI Mod APK files.
  3. Move OBB file to Android > OBB Folder > Paste it on com.pubg.imobile folder (if not available create one).
  4. Now Open and Sign-in with your Google account.

Difference between BGMI Mod and PUBG Mod Apk?

BGMI and PUBG Mobile have almost no difference except one. BGMI is specially released for Indian players whereas Pubg Mobile is a global game and It is banned in India.

Does BGMI Breach data?

We can read different articles from many other news sites next to us. Many site research results in almost no evidence of data breaches. BGMI Developers also confirmed that they don't share any data with China or any other country.

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