Fortnite - 5 Best Tips and Tricks Improve and Win

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Fortnite multiplayer battle royale game

I have come up with a new trick which you can improve the gameplay in Fortnite.
Fortnite is one of the world's most popular multiplayer royal games. Fortnite is the most popular game since the arrival of Pubg Mobile. Somewhere, it has also left Pubg mobile behind. Fortnite is released 4 months after the release of Pubg Mobile.

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In this article, we will tell you 5 such tips, if you earn them all, then you can do good in Fortnite games and improve gaming.

#1. Always Hit the Blue Spot While Destroying Anything

#1. Always Hit the Blue While Destroying

Fortnite game's popularity is very high, even though its user base is very high, the player is not aware of this trick.

In this trick, if you are destroying anything in Fortnite, then if you hit on the blue spot shown on it, then that thing will soon be destroyed. The advantage of this is that this work will be destroyed in hits as well as you will get more material from it. Many pro players in Fortnite use this trick in a game.

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#2. Keep Jumping Always and Look Around

This trick is very useful when the zone is too small and you are walking somewhere. If you run straight then you are at increased risk of getting a headshot. So never run straight and always jump.

By jumping, you will spot enemies quickly. Even if you are running in the safe zone, do not run straight then you can run in a zig-zag pattern.

This trick will help you, even more, when you are playing solo. Because any enemy may be watching over you and kill you in a single sniper shot.

Keep Jumping Always and Look Around

#3. Keep the Gun Slot Arrangement Same in Each and Every Game

This is also a very important and mindful thing to keep in mind. I am therefore saying this because I have also experienced this.

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When you are taking a fight, you do not have much time to look at the button and change the gun. At that time one has to keep an eye on the footsteps of enemies and also many things have to be kept in mind. Therefore, this is also an important thing in view of the game. You should keep this thing in mind.

You have to keep that gun arrangement in each and every match. For example, if you, If keep an assault rifle in the first slot then you should always keep an assault rifle in that first place. This will remind you of the location of every gun and will make the gun switch easy.

#3. Keep the Gun Slot Arrangement Same in Each and Every Game

#4.Practice gun Switching to make Your Fingers Flexible

You should practice gun switching. This will come in handy when you are taking a fight in the close range. With the practice of gun switching, your gun switching skill will be fast, with that your fingers will also become very flexible.

so practice gun switching in arcade mode games in Fortnite

Practice gun Switching to make Your Fingers Flexible

#5. Don't panic, Have Patience, Keep Calm, and Don't get nervous.

I have been playing Pubg Mobile for a long time, I have seen many people in Pubg Mobile when enemies shot at them, they would panic and start running around. I used to think the same when I used to play Fortnite after the banning pubg mobile in India.

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So let me tell you that when someone attacks you, first of all, you should not panic, second is to find cover. If there is not a cover, then first of all you should avoid its bullets and run around while jumping. While doing this you also have to keep spotting him.

Since this is a bit difficult to do, so you have to run around the cover anytime so that you get the cover quickly in case of an attack.

Don't panic, Have Patience, Keep Calm, and Don't get nervous

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