How to Level Up Fast In Pubg Mobile. 5 Best tricks to Get XP fast.

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 In this article, I will tell you how you can increase the level quickly in Pubg mobile. In this, I will tell you, 5 such tricks how you will be able to increase your level quickly and achieve that achievement in pubg mobile.

Best 5 trick to Level Up Fast

PUBG Mobile is much popular in India, but also the world's most popular multiplayer royale game. Everyone has liked this Game. Whether it is a cricketer, a comedian, or a singer. In order to make your own identity in PUBG, not only do you need outfits and quality skin, but your game level should also be high.

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So In this article, you will get all you need to increase your level fast. In Pubg there is 100 level. Only those who have reached 100 levels have started playing this game since season 1 released.

What is the level in Pubg Mobile?

By starting, we first know what the level is in real. This is a core statistic of the pubg mobile. This only shows, how much time did you spend on Pubg Mobile Since you are started playing pubg mobile. Leveling up is not an easy task. The level Increase rate depends on the XP. The sooner you get the XP, the sooner the level will also increase.

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Level always increases never decreases. The level clearly shows how your gaming skills will be. The higher your level, the more skills you have.

How does the level increase in Pubg Mobile?

The level depends on the XP. The level also directly related to the amount of time you had spent in the game. The more time you put the game, the more XP game will give you. Here are five best tricks that you should follow to increase your level fast.

Best 5 trick to Level Up Fast

1. Complete your Challenges and Missions

PUBJ Mobile has Daily, Weekly, and Progressive Challenges which gives a good amount of XP Bonus. In it, there are very simple challenges, such as logging in games, watching videos, driving in a classic match. They are always changing. Always keep an eye on them and always complete them. We get a lot of XP Bonuses from them.

Similar to Daily and weekly challenges there is also a progressive mission that gives a decent amount of XP. These progressive missions are also easy to complete. This mission is unlocked whenever you go one level further. All these missions will help you in increasing your level.

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2. Stick to the Classic Matches

Classic match, this is the best way to level up fast. If your aim is to increase your level then you cannot find a better way. All you have to do is stick to the classic match. This mode will give you the most XP and you will get help to level up fast. Experimenting with the other modes is fine, but this works best if your main motto is to level up.

So stick to the Classic mode matches and Increase your Level Fast

3. Survive as Long as You can

I have seen a lot of players who want to level up but cannot even survive to the last zone. So if you want to level up, then you have to be at least in the top 5 or 10 by serving till the last zone. Surviving is not as easy as it looks. You have to show a lot of tolerance and patience.

4. Find teammates that help You in  the game

If you want to level up, then you must have a teammate who has the same mentality as you. Since you only play squads at the most, then you should have a squad that helps each other and not play like a solo player, and you also Don't want to play like a solo player in a squad match.

So, it is best to find a squad that has the same mentality as yours or Finds at least one player that can play with you.

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5. Keep Healing

You heard right, healing is also a great way to get XP. Using Energy Drinks, Med-Kits, First-Aids, Bandages, and Painkillers gives us XP at the end of the game. You can apply healing after staying out of the blue zone or after falling from above.

All these signs will help you to Level Up in Pubg Mobile.

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